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Lotion: Raindance Cream Face Wash
A gentle cream wash that is very effective in removing dirt, pollution, makeup and emulsifying oils without drying and stripping the natural barrier from the skin.

Lotion: Raindance Balancing Face Wash
All skin types (Dry, Mature, Oily and Normal) can benefit from this wash.

Toner: Raindance Balancing Rose geranium improves circulation and is a gentle astringent.

Lotion: Raindance Daily Moisturizing Our Daily Moisturizer is the best protection available for Canadian Winter skin.

Lotion: Raindance Nightime Renewal
Soothes inflammation, rejuvenates, softens and nourishes aging skin while helping the outer epidermis to retain moisture.

Lotion: Raindance Lotion for Mature Skin
Perfect for balancing and nourishing mature skin! Long lasting hydration and moisture retention without clogging pores.