The Anti-Aging Power of Essential Oils - Embrace Your Youthful DNA!

On Friday October 21, 7-9pm, we learned how specific essential oils can restore our youthful selves from the inside out!

Here's what Dimitra Kolovos, in her Aromatherapy Certification graduation post, has to say.

The anti-aging power of Essential Oils - Embrace your youthful DNA!

The theme of nature vs nurture, genes vs the environment has been an ongoing question for generations. Every single person is made up from a specific code very much similar to one another but with specific differences that set us apart as individuals. Our whole code “human genome” as its called is made up by patterns of only 4 letters A,T, C and G that are called “bases.” They are combined in groups of 3 called triplets and they signal to make a series of proteins→tissues→organs→our human body. Any disruption of the codes, causes damage to the DNA causing what we call mutations and alternatively can be the triggers for various conditions, diseases and ultimately aging.

A look at some of the different types of mutations:
• Nonsense mutation, substitution of one base pair (bp) for another→stops building the protein→alters function or lack of function
• Insertion, a bp gets inserted at the wrong place→not proper function
• Deletion, removal of one or more bp→altered function
• Duplication, the bp doubles itself→altered function

Some factors contributing to DNA damage are: Oxidation which simply means addition of O2 is nothing else but rusting of the human body an inevitable event in our everyday life caused by the simple act of breathing, cellular metabolism (1). This results to the production of free radicals - toxins in the body which translates to aging of the cells. Toxins also enter our body from exterior environmental factors in the form of pollution, UV rays, radiation or ingested chemicals from the air we breath or our food. Last but not least chronic aches and pains as well as stress have been proven to release toxins in the body. All of these are factors cause changes and mutations to the DNA, resulting to aging of the DNA and ultimately the human body.

What we need to know is that the body has its own repair pathway to correct these mutations, given that we are talking about a healthy body with a strong immune system and “good genes!” Of course a little boost from the outside couldn’t harm and here is where some essential oils - nature’s first responders - can lend that helping hand!

Here are some ground-breaking observations made from the father of Medicine Hippocrates some 2500 years ago!

“Nature itself is the best physician.”

“The physician treats, but nature heals.”

“The natural force within each of us is the greater
healer of all.”

Hippocrates philosophy was that "nature, rather than the doctor, does the most healing and it is the job of the physician then, to not get in the way, but rather facilitate the recovery process with proper nutrition, cleanliness and sufficient rest.”

Imagine that for these beliefs he was thrown in jail for a whole 20 years! He practiced tirelessly, even from inside his jail cell, and wrote a series of manuals that are still used today in modern medicine!

In the following pages we as well are going to take nature’s path using the benefits of aromatherapy, a branch of herbalism that uses the medicinal properties of plants in the form of essential oils. We will explore how some of these essential oils can help reverse the DNA damage inflicted to us by the course of time and the environment and work towards the repair of DNA, acting as anti-ageing agents on our biggest body tissue the skin.

In aromatherapy, various parts of herbs, plants and trees are used making essential oils from plant resins, hydrosols and oil infusions. An essential oil is the fragrant, volatile liquid extracted or distilled from a single plant.

All essential oils are inherently anti-bacterial, most of them are anti-viral and also some are anti-fungal as well. In the early 1900s Otto Wallach found that EO have a complex chemical composition based on terpenes, phenols, alcohols and ketones a discovery that earned him a Nobel prize and influenced the industry of Essential Oils. It is these chemical compounds that interact with the DNA to help it
* Replace,
* Repair,
* Regenerate
promoting the anti-aging process.

Terpenes: Recognized by their -ene ending, example a,b-pinene found as monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. They are responsible for the strong smell like pinene (pine) camphor and limonene (citrus). Vitamin A is also a terpene.

• Stop the accumulation of toxins creating a barrier.
• Enhance the therapeutic values of other components.

• Restore the correct information in the DNA molecule.
• Delete bad information in cell memory.
• Deliver O2 to cells like hemoglobin does in blood.

Phenols (-ol ending):
• Clean receptor sites so terpenes can delete bad info and restore correct DNA.
• Oxygenate molecules hence have anti-oxidant properties.

Alcohols (-ol):
• Resist Oxidation.
• Revert cells to normal.

Ketones (-al):
• Stimulate cell regeneration.
• Promote new tissue growth.

Demi's Materia Medica of Anti Ageing


Frankincense, Bosellia carteri: Is known to help rejuvenate aging skin, tonic, also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal , high in monoterpenes (40%), sesquiterpenes (8%).

Myrrh, Commiphora myrrha: Known to heal wounds and blood stimulant high in terpenes especially sesquiterpenes (62%) such as limonene and pinene and phenols such as eugenol.

Sandalwood, Santalum spicatum: Known to treat skin irritation and boils, high in sesquiterpenes (90%) and alcohols is highly anti-inflammatory, soothes redness.

Cypress, Cupressus sempervirens: An evergreen oil known as an astringent and used in skin care. High in monoterpenes (28%) reprograms miswritten information→ correct information.

Spruce black wild, Picea mariana : An evergreen oil valued for its ability to relax muscles,high in monoterpenes (38%) that work as a barrier to toxins and enhance the therapeutic value of other components. Also high in phenols that clean receptors and oxygenate molecules.

White sage, Salvia apiana: Used as anti-inflamatory antiseptic, reduces pore size heal wounds and helps with skin conditions like dermatitis.

Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinallis: Improves dry or mature skin eases lines and wrinkles high in ketones that promote skin regeneration and new tissue growth.

Bulgarian Lavender, Lavendula angustifolia: Similar properties to Rosemary EO, also improves cellular communication with your skin cells. Presense of ketones and monoterpenes making it also antiseptic and antifungal.

Thyme, Thymus satureiodes coss: Strongly antibacterial, tonic and immune stimulant. High in Phenolic content aka thymol.

Helichrysum, Helichrysum italicum: Also known as everlasting Immortelle. Used for acne, cuts, bruises dermatitis, eczema, irritated skin and soothes raw chapped skin. High in terpenes like pinene, mycene, alcohols like eugeneol and ketones such as italidone.

Orange bitter, Citrus aurantium: Helps with dull skin very high in terpenes, limonene (88-95%) that works as a toxin barrier.

Clove bud, Eugenia caryophyllata: High in phenols, anti-septic with the highest anti-oxidant capability of any essential oil (hemiterpenes/phenylpropanoids (90%)! Clove's oil primary component is eugenol (phenol)

3 Carrier oils

Jojoba oil Simmondsia chinensis: This oil is very close to the sebum of our own skin therefore it can be used for any skin type, is a wax liquid not leaving any oily residue on the skin and skin can benefit from its healing properties.

Hempseed oil Cannabis sativa: It is very rich in fatty acids and aminoacids the building blocks of proteins that make this oil very nourishing for aging skin. This oil has also sunscreen qualities.

Coconut oil Coco nucifera: it is healing antimicrobial and protects from the sun. It also very nourishing as it is rich in lauric acid.

3 Enriching oils:

Argan oil Argania spinosa: It is rich in anti-oxidants making a good oil for anti-aging rich in Vitamin E and contains essential fatty acids.

St. John’s Wort Infused Oil Hypericum perforatum: A rich red oil, high in vitamin E , good for inflammed skin

Castor oil Ricinus communis: It is very thick, acts as a humectant absorbing moisture from the air.

Useful tips

• In your morning routine wash your face with water then add 3-4 drops of argan oil and moisturize your face nice and simple.

• A simple face mist in a 50ml glass bottle add 10 drops of sandalwood and 10 drops of bitter orange for a day mist or 10drops of lavender for a relaxing nite routine.

• Castor oil is a thick oil. Use it as a serum with your essential oils.

• Use coconut oil to remove your makeup

• St. Johns wort is high in vitamin E, use it for a day cream to provide you some UV protection.

• Simple hair mask mix coconut oil with castor oil (50ml) add 10 drops of rosemary (strengthens roots prevents hair loss) and 10 drops of lavender (promotes hair growth). If you want a very potent mask add an egg yolk but then needs to be kept in fridge.

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Copyright 2016 Dimitra Kolovos
Demitra is the Educational Coordinator of Academia Tutoring Services Inc. in downtown Toronto. She holds a BSc. in Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto, where she went on to publish extensive research in the areas of cancer and evolutionary molecular biology. Demitria has been working towards her Aromatherapy Certification at Anarres and this is her graduation talk!


Essential oils that have the power to....
Reclaim your youthful DNA

Take the aging process into your own hands with the help of Nature - the plants, trees, flowers and shrubs whose essences can find and even fix mistakes in DNA. Otto Wallach received a Nobel prize for his work on terpenes in the early 1900s that opened the doors for modern science to meet ancient wisdom. Demi will demystify the naturally occurring compounds we call terpenes, phenols, ketones and flavonoids and how they interact with our own human DNA molecules.