Toronto Zero Waste Resources List

Toronto Zero Waste Resources List

Remember to:
Reduce (ex: make beans & peas from scratch)
Refuse (ex: straws, single-use items, packaging, plastic bags, samples...)
Reuse (ex: barter, trade, second hand, free markets, yard sales, requests)
Repair (ex: learn to repair clothes, repair cafes, upgrade older items)
Recycle as a last resort! (most recycling is "wish cycling". All plastic is downcycled. In the end, plastic always ends up as waste in the environment.)

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide for Composting

Composting at Your Apartment THANKS, 4-H CLUB KIDS!

Zero Waste Map - find a zero-waste business near you

Zero Waste Home Bulk Finder

Waste Wizard Use Waste Wizard to find out what waste items go where.

Toronto’s Waste Reduction Resource Page

Donation Map where to donate good used things

Karma Coop Food Store non-profit food, award-winning bulk bins
739 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, ON M6G 2R3

Feed It Forward No Waste Grocery Store Pay What You Can Free
3324 Dundas St West, Toronto, ON M6P 2A4
Repair Café Toronto is a grassroots, volunteer group that organizes events where neighbours help neighbours learn how to repair.

Toronto Tool Library Access thousands of tools for home renovations, gardening and lawn maintenance, repairs, DIY projects and more!

Trading / Bartering / Swapping /Second Hand Groups
Craigs List

FREE Stuff
Really Really Free Market Everything is free. No money. No swapping. No trades.

Craigs List

Facebook Groups
Zero Waste Toronto
Zero Waste Hub Toronto
Dumpster Share Toronto
Bunz (many groups)

Tips on Zero Waste Shopping and Living

Zero Waste DIY Body Care

and of course, learn to make and take home zero waste body care at Anarres Apothecary! Look at our upcoming events on the left-hand margin of every page on my website. Click Calendar below to see events month by month.