Calendar: Desk, Spiral Bound, People of Anarres DIY Recipe

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Calendar: Desk, Spiral Bound, People of Anarres DIY Recipe
Calendar: Desk, Spiral Bound COVERCalendar: Desk, Spiral Bound MONTHS

How do you make a ginger bug?
What makes a good natural insect repellant?
What's the best recipe for DIY Flaxseed and Aloe Styling gel? What's the story behind the Pains of Patriarchy line of products?

The People of Anarres answer these questions and more when you buy a handy 2021 DIY People of Anarres Desk Calendar. Sliding scale $10-20 all proceeds support our educational programs under the Co Immunity Fund.

Buy our 2021 People of Anarres DIY Recipe Desk Calendar.
With your help, we hope to recover some of the 8 months of workshop losses.
* 12 months of DIY Recipes and Instructions through a private link
* Meet the Apprentices and Graduates of Anarres Apothecary
* Premium, 210 gsm card stock with a glossy finish
* Spiral Bound
* Full Colour
Sliding Scale $10-$20