For the Bodycare Maker: DIY Tools, Ingredients & Packaging

For the Bodycare Maker: DIY Tools, Ingredients & PackagingI am offer ingredients and packaging at wholesale prices. If you need a large amount, contact me and I'll get you a better price or refer you.
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Butterfly Pea Herb, Sold by the GramButterfly Pea Herb, sold by the gram$0.23
Calendar: Workshops April 2022Calendar: Workshops April 2022$0.00
Calendar: Workshops May 2022Calendar: Workshops May 2022$0.00
Herb: Calendula aka Marigold, dried 25g OrganicCalendula Flowers Whole, Certified Organic, Sold by the Gram$0.07
Candle: Wax, BayberryCandle: Bayberry Wax$0.16
Candle: Palm Pillar BlendCandle: Palm Pillar Wax$0.01
Candle: Wax, Vege for Container CandlesCandle: Wax, Vege for Container Candles$0.00
Candle: Wick Holders, Stainless Steel 4x 6Candle: Wick Holders, Stainless Steel$2.00
Candle: Wick Tabbed, Beeswax, 20cmCandle: Wick Tabbed, Beeswax, 20cm$0.70
Candle: Wick Tabbed 15cmCandle: Wick Tabbed, White, 15cm$0.50

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