Sexual Health: Contraception & Stuff

Sexual Health: Contraception & StuffContraception: Contragel Green, The Fem Cap, The Caya Diaphragm & Caya Gel, CycleBeads. Pregnancy Planning. Menstrual health: Femmy Cycle. Healthy stuff such as genital moisturizer, lube, healthy goodies & toys.
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Wand: Glass Blue Nubbly 4x6Wand: Glass Blue Nubbly$39.00
Wand: Glass Curve$29.00
Wand: Glass, Cobalt Blue Bubble $40.00
Wand: Glass, Crystal Chakra 4x6Wand: Glass, Crystal Chakra$40.00
Wand: Glass, Handblown, The Illuminator$59.00
Wand: glass, Jopen, purpleWand: glass, Jopen, purple$140.00
Wand: Stone Dildo, Absolute Black Granite Laid D.2 2Wand: Laid Absolute Black Granite D.2 Stone Dildo$119.00
Wand: Laid Black Granite Stone Plug B.1 sidewaysWand: Laid Black Granite Stone Plug B.1$92.00
Wand: Stone Dildo, Black Moonstone Laid D.1 4x6Wand: Laid Black Norwegian Moonstone D.1 Stone Dildo$157.00
Wand: LAID D1 - 115mm, Silicone Wand, blackWand: LAID D1 - 115mm, Silicone Wand, black$69.00