Custom Talk or Workshop

Price: $120.00

Please refer to the page below to see which amount goes with what you want. Please be sure you order what you need.

To book and begin customizing your workshop, a non refundable but transferable with 1 week cancellation notice deposit of $60 is appreciated. SELECT $60 IN THE SLIDING SCALE MENU.

My rate for workshops is $120 per hour. SELECT THE NUMBER OF HOURS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PAY IN FULL FOR YOUR WORKSHOP (2 hour minimum) or TALK (1 hour minimum).

All group workshops require a $10 materials fee per person to cover my costs. SELECT THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND $10 IN THE SLIDING SCALE MENU to pay this.

NON PROFITS & CHARITIES Perhaps I can do a workshop for you by Honararia. Let's negotiate. Please contact me at Tracey AT Anarres Health DOT ca.