Flower Waters: Neroli Hydrosol, Social Enterprise

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Flower Waters: Neroli True Hydrosol, Social Enterprise

100mL in an amber glass bottle
250mL in an amber or blue glass bottle
500mL bring or buy a bottle, 10% off
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Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium

Add to a soothing hot bath!
Make skin care products!
Use it with witch hazel for an awesome toner!
Use as a base in an air freshener!

The floral water has similar properties to the essential oil described here:

Plant Part: Blossom

Origin: Italy

Description: Neroli essential oil is derived from the blossoms of either the sweet orange tree or the bitter orange tree.

Common Uses: Neroli essential oil increases circulation and stimulates new cell growth. It can prevent scarring and stretch marks, and has been found useful in treating skin conditions linked to emotional stress. Any type of skin can benefit from Neroli essential oil, although it is particularly good for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. It regulates oiliness and minimizes enlarged pores. Neroli oil helps to clear acne and blemished skin, especially if the skin lacks moisture. With regular treatment, it can reduce the appearance of fragile or broken capillaries and varicose veins. Antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, cordial, deodorant, digestive, stimulant (nervous), tonic (cardiac, circulatory).

Aroma: Neroli essential oil has a sweet, floral citrus aroma. Many aromatherapists refer to neroli as an exotic and exquisite essential oil.

History: Though Bitter Orange essential oil has been around for centuries, Neroli essential oil wasn't discovered until the seventeenth century. It was named after Anna Maria de la Tremoille, princess of Nerola. The oils properties were extremely valued by the people of Venice who used it against plague and fevers.

Hydrosols, as aromatherapists call them, are the waters that emerge from the distillation of essential oils. These contain the lightest, wateriest parts of the plants essence. All of my floral waters are free of emulsifying agents and preservatives.

Flower waters are extremely versatile. They can be used anywhere that water is required. They are an excellent linen spray, and a simple, safe way for the novice aromatherapist to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

100mL in an amber glass bottle
250mL in an amber of blue glass bottle
500mL bring or buy a bottle, 10% off
1000ML bring or buy a bottle, 20% off

For mail orders of 500mL or 1000mL, we may provide a sanitized juice bottle of glass (heat sterilized) or plastic (sanitized using medical grade alcohol), unless you order a 500mL or 1000mL bottle separately. Order here: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/product/bottle-boston-round-amber-glass-5-10...

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