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Hello, I'm Tynan Rhea. I received my education from the University of Waterloo in Psychology and Sexuality, Marriage, & Family. I currently work closely with and study under Tracey Tief, Certified Natural Health Practitioner at Anarres Apothecary and I practice as a Doula with the Sisterhood Wellness Collective and study under Beth Murch in the Revolutionary Doula Training Program. I was also the owner and operator of Toy Time with Tynan during my studies at University, a sex-positive body-safe sex toy business.

As a young woman I began taking birth control in the midst of puberty. When I decided to go off the pill because of its nasty side effects my whole life changed. My body felt better, sex was better, and I felt like me again. I was surprised (and retrospectively distressed!) by how much the pill had changed me and the way I was living my life.

As an even younger woman, I unfortunately came to experience several occurrences of sexual trauma (including that of pill-induced hormonal imbalances). But I knew sex could be beautiful, sensual, fun! and even spiritual even if I hadn't experienced it yet. And wouldn't you know it, I was right!

On my journey of sexual healing (and a whole lot of getting it right and wrong) I came to meet Tracey Tief. I got way more than I had bargained for. I was inspired by the works of Tracey. At first it was just about the diaphragms. Then it became about the oils. Then it became about holistic medicine. The more I work with Tracey and learn about the bullshit of the body-care industry and the holistic approach to health, the more I am inspired to apply this passion and perspective to sexual health.

Should you decide that I may be of benefit in your own personal journey of healing, I would be honoured and delighted to share my skills and knowledge with you.

For a minimal fee, of course. I assure you, it's not just about the money. True, screw the patriarchy, but the patriarchy is going to screw me if I don't pay my bills.

Services offered by Tynan can be found here:

Doula Services
Hormone Balancing Consultations
Aromatherapy for Sexual Trauma

Contact Tynan directly at Tynan(@)AnarresHealth(.)ca