Menstrual Health: Spill Proof Femmy Cycle Cup

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Menstrual Health: Spill Proof Femmy Cycle Cup 4x6
Menstrual Health: Spill Proof Femmy Cycle CupMenstrual Health: Spill ProofMenstrual Health: Spill Proof Femmy Cycle sizesMenstrual Health: Spill Proof Femmy Cycle RegMenstrual Health: Spill Proof Femmy Cycle LowMenstrual Health: Spill Proof Femmy Cycle Petite

Scroll below, read and watch the videos, to learn more about the three sizes and which one is best for you:
* Regular
* Low Cervix
* Petite (formerly called "Teen")

Say goodbye to pads, tampons and leaky irritating menstrual cups!

Please note that the Femmy Cycle prices quoted in the video are in US Dollars. The prices quoted on this website are in Canadian Dollars. The prices are the same cost to you.

The FemmyCycle is an innovative menstrual cup that is:
* Soft and comfortable (Much more flexible than other menstrual cups!)
* Safe (No risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome)
* Cost effective (Save $70-$100 a year versus disposables!)
* Environmentally friendly (Eliminate disposables that end up in the landfill)
* Plastic-free (It's made of non-leaching medic grade silicone)
* Spill-proof: minimizes the mess and leakage associated with almost all other feminine sanitary products.

The FemmyCycle ® is ideal for active, athletic and working women.

FemmyCycle menstrual cup features:

Patented no-spill design
Effective for up to 12 hours
Designed by a physician
Reusable, clean and hygienic
Manufactured in the United States with medical grade silicone
Protects the environment

Made by: FemCap, Inc.
Country of origin: USA
Lifespan: 1 year
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes: one size
Dimensions: 51 mm diameter x 38 mm length
Stem: It’s a loop, like a handle!
Capacity: up to 1 ounce
Measuring Lines: none
Guarantee: The FemmyCycle is easy to use. If you can use a tampon you should be able to use the FemmyCycle. This is a device inserted into the body and so we cannot accept returns.
Other: Received the Why Didn’t I Think of That? Award, in 2012, at the Medical Device and Diagnostics Expo.

See the Femmy Cycle FAQ for more information and instructions:


Collecting menstrual flow rather than absorbing it eliminates the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with tampons.

The FemmyCycle’s® unique, non-spill-design collects and holds menstrual flow for up to 12 hours. The FemmyCycle® can be worn during, sleep, exercise and other daily activities, so it is ideal for athletes and working women.

Review from a teen:


Femmy Cycle versus other menstrual cups

The unique spill-proof design is quite intriguing. When you are using the cup the top is folded into itself (as shown on the right side of the below photo)

~ FemmyCycle is designed to not open fully when inserted,
like all other menstrual cups are designed to do.

~ It has a ring instead of a stem, which makes it very easy to remove.

~ Femmy Cycle is North American, made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, not latex.

~ Inside the Femmy Cycle Box you'll find:
* One or two Femmy Cycle menstrual cups
* One pouch that snaps closed, large enough to hold two cups.
* A full page of colour instructions in English on hard card stock paper.
* Please request Spanish or French language instructions in the Comments with your order. Veuillez en faire la demande Espagnol ou français langue instructions dans les commentaires de votre commande. Por favor, solicitar Español o Francés las instrucciones en lenguaje en los comentarios de su pedido.

Feel fresh, clean and confident during your menstrual cycle.

Blogger Review:

See the Femmy Cycle FAQ for more information and instructions:

You can read or download instructions in many languages here: and in English here:

One Cup to Rule Them All! Blogger call Femmy Cycle "The Magical Cup"!

All Femmy Cycle Boxes come with illustrated instructions and one breathable carry pouch. Choose:

REGULAR Single Femmy Cycle in box $51 CAD
REGULAR Two Femmy Cycles in box - 2 Femmy Cycles $77

TEEN Single Femmy Cycle in box $51 CAD
Two Femmy Cycles in box $77
For young women who are not fully grown and have not been sexually active and/or women who have small vaginas.

LOW CERVIX Single Femmy Cycle in box $51 CAD
Two Femmy Cycles in box $77
For women whose cervix is less than a finger's length from the opening of the body. How can you tell if you have a low cervix? Just measure the distance between your vaginal opening and your cervix. If it is less than 2 inches then you have a low cervix.

FemmyCycle Measurements and Specifications
Sizes Diameter Height Height w ring Capacity
Teen 3.1 cm 3.8 cm 5.7 cm 17.5 mL
Regular 3.6 cm 4.3 cm 6.3 cm 30 mL
Low Cervix 3.6 cm 4.3 cm 5.0 cm 30 mL

Femmy Cycles cannot be returned or refunded once the tamper-proof sticker has been removed.