Aromathera Potty Project at Burning Man 2017

Unapologetically free-to-use recipes from TTF and family

Water is Life
Blends are a prayer

Thanks To Trees
TOP 50mL cedarwood Himalayan
MIDDLE 20mL birch
MIDDLE 20mL Atlas cedarwood creates sacred space
BASE 10mL arborvitae

Honour Water Protectors
TOP 50ML sweetgrass H
MIDDLE 30ML sage lavandulafolia Spain
MIDDLE 10ML white sage apiana Oregon
BASE 10ML tabacco

Nourishing Roots:
TOP 50ML sweet orange
MIDDLE 40ML lemongrass
BASE 5ML ginger
BASE 5ML vetiver

DeColonize Water
TOP 30ML lemon
MIDDLE 15ML lavender Spain
MIDDLE 15ML lavender Cape
MIDDLE 15ML Bulgarian
MIDDLE 15ML ravensara
BASE 10ML frankincense serrata

TOP 50ml Pink Grapefruit
MIDDLE 40ml Spearmint
BASE 10ml Nutmeg

2017/08/24 - 9:00pm - 2017/09/06 - 12:00am