Conference: Shaping the Future of Healing

Anarres is presenting.

Inner Arts Collective
257 Danforth Avenue
Toronto ON

Come check out my participatory talk : Why DIY?
Saturday, November 18 3-4:30pm
DIY Bodycare with Tracey Tief
Using traditional, local, fairly traded, social enterprise, and/or organic therapeutic ingredients in massage oils, and other bodycare, practitioners can use these with clients, and also offer them for sale, creating another offering for their clients, and additional stream of income for practitioners if they wish, so they are more financially resilient, while creating a practice that is more friendly to people and the planet, using traditional wisdom and healing, and better quality sourced ingredients.

And you won't want to miss Anarres Graduate Tynan Rhea speak!
Saturday 10:15-11:45am
Awakening Sexuality with Aromatherapy With Tynan Rhea
In this workshop, we will learn how essential oils can be used in sexual health and well-being by addressing the mind, body, and spirit, while challenging gendered narratives about sex. We will review essential oil safety 101, sample 10-12 different essential oils, and participants will make a custom sensual massage oil for their personal needs.

This workshop is exciting for anyone who wants to incorporate essential oils into their work, as well as for seasoned aromatherapists looking to expand their understanding of essential oils in the context of sexuality.

Anarres will be offering:

An iInteractive DIY table with our Self Spa mini workstations to learn how, make & take home face masks, body scrubs, and bath salts.

Anarres aims to:

- Increase awareness of health risks of commercial bodycare products

- Provide hands on learning about ingredients that are natural, healthy & safer

- Benefits those living with health challenges on how to avoid toxins, and those living with budget challenges on how to make their own products.

- Create custom bodycare products from scratch using natural healthy and affordable ingredients. Allows participants to take control to afford better quality healthier bodycare.

- Provides a sense of community, accomplishment and confidence in ability to experiment and create.

- Reduce waste and related collection costs

- Build community and resiliency, as well as to make healthy choices for people and planet.

- Benefits environmental sustainability through the use of reusable nontoxic packaging, non toxic fairly traded and local ingredients, and the absence of toxins released to our landfill & sewage systems, not to mention shared common areas.

- We encourage participants to go on to educate and inform others in the community, increasing the impact exponentially.

Tracey TieF has more than 20 years experience as a natural healer and workshop leader working with various demographics of clientele. She founded Anarres Natural Health as a wholistic health practice in downtown Toronto, Ontario in 2007. Since then Anarres has become an unofficial cooperative learning centre and community, plus online & retail shop. She is an activist and passionate advocate for social justice, sustainability, resiliency, & living a more plastic free & zero waste life!

Anarres Natural Health’s mission is to educate people about natural healthy fairly traded and local botanical ingredients, and how to use these to create affordable, wholesome and effective body care. To this end we: offer mini, intro and full day workshops, Aromatherapy Certification and Apprenticeship; retail and wholesale healthy, ethical ingredients and products online and in our Anarres Apothecary. Wholistic health to us does not mean merely the health of our individual minds, bodies and spirits, but also the health of the Earth and all its Beings.

Tracey is recognized by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Registered Aromatherapy Health Practitioner and Certified Reflexology Health Practitioner through The School of Holistic Studies, Institute of Aromatherapy, where she studied Lymphatic Drainage and Advanced Massage, Aromatherapy, Thai Reflexology and Foot Massage, Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology, Basic and Advanced Aromatology (Phytotherapy), soap, shampoo, conditioner and cosmetic making, Massage Chair Bodywork, Business Studies, Orientation and Practicum, Thai Yoga Massage, First Aid, Basic and Advanced Aroma Cosmetology (Holistic Skin Care), Nutritional Symptomology / Clinical Nutrition, and supervised clinical experience with seniors and at the SHS Student Clinic.

Anarres has a commitment to social justice that goes beyond charity to help people change their own lives through self directed learning and sharing of knowledge and skills. This helps people achieve more control & live healthier, more self sufficient, resilient, sustainable lives, reduce their ecological footprint, & create more positive impacts on the world around them.

2017/11/17 - 9:00am - 2017/11/19 - 9:00pm