Maker Festival Weekend Extravaganza


We are sad to announce that Maker Festival will not be taking place this July 2019.

The Toronto Public Library introduced a new policy this year which would have had a major impact on our Festival. The policy was related to criminal record checks, to protect children and vulnerable individuals, and was being driven by a broad policy of the City of Toronto. Negotiating the implementation of this policy in the case of Maker Festival, with hundreds of makers and volunteers, was naturally a complicated process. Despite mutual attempts to reach a beneficial compromise in a timely fashion, we were unable to find a solution that would permit producing a quality Festival that is aligned with our shared values.

Thank you for applying as a Maker for 2019, and sorry for our long silence. Until just a few days ago, we had been in active negotiation with the Library, and we were fairly confident that a solution would be reached. We had been holding off on confirming makers until we knew exactly what would be required. Contrary to our optimistic hopes, the negotiation process has been taking too long and we find ourselves with too short a timeline to hold a Festival in July.

We’ll keep you up to date as new plans evolve. We are inviting input on the future from our entire community, but we would like to extend an especially warm invitation to you, our makers, to help us shape what this future looks like. Share your vision of Maker Festival:

We are very sorry that the Festival is not happening as planned this summer. We look forward to making all the things with you again soon!


Eric & Paul, and the rest of the Maker Festival team

Maker Festival is a celebration of Toronto's tech, DIY and maker communities.

The Festival returns to the Toronto Reference Library, where makers will gather to show off their process and projects to the public.

Maker Festival brings together Toronto’s most creative people and projects, in order to inspire openness to possibilities, a sense of active participation in shaping our world, and a yearning for a more wonder-filled tomorrow.


For 2019, Anarres Natural Health hopes to again offer a DIY ingredient touch see and smell table, plus a Self Spa table with three ongoing mini workshops where passers-by can become participants making:
* Bodacious Body Scrubs
* Scrumptious Bath Salts
* Fabulous Face Masks

Drop by and learn what each natural wholesome ingredient does. We'll show you clays, minerals, salts, oils and essential oils. We'll help you make your own customized products to take home.

Maker Festival attendees will be able to see, touch and smell many natural body care ingredients such as salts, clays, oils, essential oils, cocoa and shea butter.

A Self Spa table with three ongoing mini workshops where passers-by can become participants making:
* Bodacious Body Scrubs
* Scrumptious Bath Salts
* Fabulous Face Masks

Our Anarres contribution: Self Spa Mini Workshops

Make your own healthy natural
Bath salts
Body scrub
Face mask

You will be invited to make a customized bath salt, body scrub and or face mask with us. We will introduce the simple and natural often local ingredients and offer choices. We will package in zero new plastic and durable containers.

Participants and passers-by will be invited to take home workshop notes with recipes.

Don't miss us!
We will be making the self spa products right there with you as a participants as you learn about simple healthy and ethically sourced ingredients.

2019/07/06 - 10:00am - 2019/07/07 - 5:00pm