Pregnancy Meet Up: Preparing for a Swift and Easy Labour

The birth world can be tricky to navigate. Many of us don’t care about pregnancy or labour until we find ourselves pregnant and struck with the fact that game-day is on the horizon.

The majority of us have never actually seen someone give birth BUT have probably seen a lot of scary, dramatic re-enactments on T.V or heard various accounts from friends, family members and of course "Sharron" from accounting.

Labour is often mystified as some unpredictable, natural process where nobody knows how things will go and anything can happen.

Often, the reaction to this attitude is that people feel like there is nothing that they can do to influence the outcome of their birth, which in turn dissuades them from preparing for labour… aside from buying and packing items that they’d like to have with them during it.

Although it is true that technically all future events are unknowable can you imagine if we applied this philosophy to say preparing for final exams at school, or a big work presentation or acting in a play?

If you had a friend who was confiding in you that they were anxious about an upcoming exam, you wouldn’t just say “yeah….it’s so unpredictable. You just have to do your best and leave it up to the universe”.

“No!” you would likely engage and ask additional questions like “Do you know the content?”, “Are you studying?”, or “How are you preparing?”

That’s what this meetup is about.

My goal is two-fold. Firstly I want to demystify what will be happening with your body during labour and birth. As well, I am offering practical info, tips and advice on how to call-in a birth that is as swift and easy as possible. This is based on readings, research and personal experience as someone who has been a part of this process numerous times.

I welcome you.

Feel free to bring someone with you.

There will be tea and handouts.

I love questions.

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2019/07/10 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm