Workshop at Evergreen Grows: The Medicine at Your Feet

Gathering and gardening herbs are easy and accessible to all.
Folk herbalism meets respect for our ultra-local environment!
a workshop about the plants we find growing around and under us that we can use to make healing remedies for our minds, bodies and spirits.

The herbs are easy to gather and to grow: calendula, dandelion, comfrey, burdock, yarrow, clover and more!
With participants, we'll make:
* an herb tea
* an herbal infused oil using locally grown sunflower seed oil
* an herbal balm using locally grown sunflower seed oil, and local beeswax

Because it's an hour, it will be a demonstration style, with participant volunteers
and kitchen show tricks such as "Here's how you make and infused oils and here it is after six weeks!"

Each participant might take away a pre-made item - a small balm, a small bottle of herbal oil, a sachet of tea and/or a pot with calendula planted.

2020/03/29 - 10:00am - 4:00pm