Zero Waste Body Care Tuesdays at Karma Coop

WHEN: The second Tuesday of each month, 7 to 8:30 pm
WHERE: Karma Food Cooperative, 739 Palmerston Blvd.
RSVP: at Karma coop on the sign-up sheet or call (416) 534-1470 Space is limited! Child-friendly - Please RSVP for each child. Open and FREE* to all - Coop Members and the Karma Coop Curious! Suggested donation: $10 (per product you take home).

Take Zero Waste home! Karma Coop gives you the bulk options while Tracey teaches you the skillz you need to make your own healthy affordable and zero waste body care!

Create luxurious moisturizing cream, starting with a vegan base handmade at Anarres, then choose between cocoa or shea butter, and between a dozen exquisite essential oils. You'll leave with a custom cream in a glass jar, a metal canister, or bring your own jar.


OCTOBER - Mineral Make Up for Hallowe'en
Typical face paints are made almost entirely of petroleum ingredients, from case to colouring and synthetic scents. We'll make DIY safe and sparkly face paints using mineral coloured sparkly micas, in a base of handmade zinc cream. You'll take a home a set of Hallowe'en face paints that you won't be worried to use for yourself and your child.

Nowadays, every schoolchild, daycare kid, mother and health worker is encouraged to carry waterless hand sanitizer around without regard to their effectiveness or safety. Antimicrobial chemicals such as the soon to be banned triclosan are associated with skin problems, thyroid problems, skin cancer, toxic loads, hormone disruption, allergic reactions, and may, in fact, be ineffective at combatting the viruses we are most concerned about. We'll make DIY Safe and Effective vegan Hand Sanitizer using essential oils that are effective against the bacteria, viruses and perhaps fungi you want to avoid getting ill from. You'll take a bottle home that you won't be worried to use or send your child to school with.

AUGUST - DIY SUNSCREENS No workshop in August 2019

Regular exposure to the sun lets your skin adapt to defend itself against harmful rays, all the while making vitamin D. So tanning is a healthy response and those who get regular exposure to the sun lower their skin cancer risk. Burning is absolutely not healthy – it clearly increases your risk of deadly skin cancer. So what to do? I will teach you how to make a custom luxurious sunscreen that's safe for you and your loved ones.

What's Worse, The Bites or The Bug Spray? DEET, permethrin and other common insect repellants are insecticides that you put directly on your skin! Added to these "chemical name" ingredients are the usual toxins found in lotions and creams: parabens and so forth, adding cancer risk to the potential for neurological damage. If it can kill a bug, it can harm you. So what to do? During this fun-filled 1.5 hour workshop, you'll learn to make a custom bug repellent that is safe for you and your loved ones.

MAY 14th - Zero Waste Lifestyle Hacks
We'll make a shopping bag from a T-shirt, make a mason jar cozy, and make a beeswax food wrap. Each participant will go home with an item we've hacked and a whole lot of tips about how you can avoid waste shopping at Karma Coop.
If you want and can, bring:
clean used fuzzy socks
clean used t-shirts
clean washed flat natural fabric
250mL and 500mL mason jars

APRIL - Make Your Own Face Cleanser & Toner
Why use a cleanser instead of soap? What do toners do? What are cleansers and toners made of? Explore holistic aromatherapy's basic white lotion, plus tried and true wonder ingredients witch hazel, hydrosols and aloe vera gel juice. Make your customized cleanser and toner to take home in healthy glass bottles. For all faces of all ages.

MARCH - Make Your Own Healing Balm - for all ages including babies!
Make your own all-in-one healing ointment that heals boo-boos, eczema and psoriasis, plus prevents and soothes diaper rashes. This balm received rave reviews in Liked it as a Featured Product in "I absolutely love this!!!! We are very environmentally conscious in our house, and this fits all of our needs, but most importantly - it works!!" ~ Cassandra

FEBRUARY - Make Your Own Naturally Perfumed Body Oil
What carrier oils are good for the skin and why? What's the difference between essential oils, perfume oils and carrier oils? How do essential oils affect us emotionally, spiritually and physically? Come and make your own customized moisturizing massage & bath oil using safe, sensuous and skin-loving ingredients to enrich your body, mind and spirit!
Give yourself a Valentine.

JANUARY - Make Your Own Moisturizing Lotion
Create luxurious lotions, starting with a base made at Anarres, then choosing from a dozen nourishing and enriching carrier oils and dozens of exquisite essential oils. You'll leave with a custom lotion in a reusable metal bottle.

DECEMBER - Spa Gifts: Make Your Own Bath Salts and Body Scrubs!
Enjoy this Spa Gifts workshop making:
* Bodacious Body Scrubs
* Scrumptious Bath Salts
* Fabulous Face Masks
Learn about hydrotherapy, and the therapeutic properties of clays, salts, carrier and essential oils. Go home with three custom made all-natural packaged products. YUM!

January - Make Your Own Moisturizing Lotion
February - Make Your Own Naturally Perfumed Body Oil
March - Make Your Own Healing Balm
April - Make Your Own Face Cleanser & Toner
May - Zero Waste Lifestyle Hacks
June - Make Your Own Bug Spray
July - Make Your Own Sunscreens
August - Make Your Own Sunscreens
September - Make Your Own Hand Sanitizers
October - Make Your Own Healthy Hallowe'en Facepaint
November - Make Your Own Moisturizing Creams
December - Spa Gifts: Make Your Own Bath Salts and Body Scrubs!

Please scroll down for the Workshop descriptions.

*Suggested Donation to cover materials $10

The second Tuesday of every month we'll gather in the Member's Room to make a customized natural body care product to use yourself or give as a gift, and learn skills that can serve you for a lifetime for a fraction of the cost of a synthetic dyed carcinogenic body product!

Used but clean small containers. Please don't buy or bring anything new. We'll share, and I will always have some for you by donation.

DIY Tuesdays at Karma Coop with Tracey TieF take place on the second Tuesday of the month. Members and the Karma Curious of all ages are welcome!

Repeats every month on the second Tuesday until Tue Dec 31 2019 except Tue Aug 14 2018, Tue Jan 08 2019, Tue Aug 13 2019, Tue Oct 08 2019. Also includes Tue Jan 22 2019.
2018/01/09 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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