About Anarres

Anarres Apothecary is a social enterprise storefront, online and mail-order resource founded in 2007 for you when you want body care, DIY supplies and housewares that are Good For You and Good For The Earth.

Operated by Apprentices, Aromatherapy Certification students and volunteers under the direction of Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, we offer handmade natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and cosmetic making supplies including organic ingredients, 500+ ethically sourced essential oils, and dozens of clays, oils, micas, packaging and housewares that are alternatives to plastics, and other Earth and people-friendly goodies.

The storefront supports the Water Is Life Campaign that funds clean water projects through The Onaman Collective http://onamancollective.com/ and Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief www.cpar.ca. The storefront also supports educational and outreach initiatives many times per month including @Boomerang Bags https://www.facebook.com/boomerangbagsTO/, www.KarmaCoop.org, https://www.facebook.com/BranchOutTheatre/, healthy affordable contraception and sexual health https://www.justisse.ca/index.php/pages/page/justisse-method and www.NaturalContraception.ca http://www.makeitnatural.org/ and SkillSeed Village... and many more!

Anarres Natural Health's mission is to educate people about natural healthy fairly traded and local botanical ingredients, and how to use these to create affordable, wholesome and effective body care. To this end we offer mini, intro and full-day workshops, Aromatherapy Certification and Apprenticeship, we retail and wholesale healthy, ethical ingredients and products online and in our Anarres Apothecary. Wholistic health to us does not mean merely the health of our individual minds, bodies and spirits, but also the health of the Earth and all its Beings.

We offer:

~ Talks, workshops and home parties focussed on healthy non-toxic body care or natural contraception.

I offer:

~ Apprenticeships, Professional and Everyday People Training and Workshops creating ethical, healthy body care products and businesses. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/5

~ Consultation: body care product development, environmentally and human rights friendly packaging, and non-toxic living. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/1710

~ Hypnotherapy for Health: relaxing, client centred, creative experiences, highlighted by self-discovery with people who are on a healing path to wholeness. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/138

I offer products by mail order and local pick up at Anarres Apothecary, 1076 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON M6H1M6.

~ Stefani Water Crocks and parts: handmade terra-cotta crocks that dechlorinate, sterilize and purify water using ceramic micropore, colloidal silver and activated charcoal using a simple easy to assemble and maintain gravity design. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/1264

~ Alternatives To Plastics: packaging, food and housewares made from non-toxic, ethically sourced materials such as glass, metals, papers and clays. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/2

~ Body and Skin Care Products that are handmade in small batches from wholesome, local and fairly traded botanical ingredients. Environmentally friendly glass and metal packaging are refillable and refundable. Start looking here: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/catalog

~ Contraception and Healthy Sexuality products that are non-hormonal and do not disrupt hormones, made from medical grade silicone, metal and glass. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/3

~ DIY Botanical Ingredients supplies for people who make healthy, ethical body care including hundreds of essential oils, butter, carrier oils, minerals, waxes and extracts - from salts to sodas. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/catalog/10

Tracey is a fountain of healthcare knowledge. I particularly reap the benefits of her extensive knowledge of essential oils which she supplies me with (and also carriers for them; from handmade deodorant to skin/hair care products). She carries an excellent full selection of organic oils and she ensures that they are ethically sourced & traded. Thank you, Tracey!

~ Deb Wiles, Director of Marks of Perception Art School, Toronto, Canada www.debwiles.com

Anarres Mission, Values, and Ethical Principles

I named Anarres Natural Health after the anarchist planet in Ursula K. LeGuin's novel The Disposessed. Like the novel's Anarresti, I am contributing what I can to society through my work. Anarres strives to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible - and I take "possible" as a challenge. I am happily "hardcore".

100% Wind, Solar and Waste Powered The electricity used is 100% from wind power as WindShare members. The hot water and heating are from “green” gas collected from a landfill project near Montreal. Our household and Anarres use less than half of the natural gas and water that the average household uses due to our conservation efforts. We are a "David Suzuki Family"! Ask me for a free $25 Bullfrog Power Coupon with your next order, or a referral to the SolarShare Co-op.

Local, Small and Ethical Suppliers I choose suppliers who are local, organic farming and small enterprises and who share Anarres' values.

No Endangered Species Products I do not use ingredients such as rosewood essential oil, from un-sustainably harvested and endangered plants. I use Australian sandalwood, Santalum spicatum, instead of Santalum album. I actively encourage my fellow manufacturers and practitioners to do the same.

I Reduce Reuse and Recycle in Innovative Ways My business model includes refillable and returnable glass and metal packaging, and maximum reuse of packaging and office materials. End-of-use items are recycled, or donated as craft supplies to daycare and ArtsJunktion. All envelopes are reused, including those used for mailing and banking. All parcels are packed using reused materials except for new paper packing tape. Even labels are 100% "post-consumer". I buy no new pens or markers, preferring pencils for most tasks.

All appliances are energy star rated, including washer-dehydrators and "solar" drying.

I Refuse Plastics and Keep Working at Locating Local Options My small triumphs include locating compostable vegetable cellulose bags made from waste tree pulp in North America, glass packaging made in North America, ethically manufactured stainless steel wares. When I discovered that my beeswax pellets were in reality made in China, I sought out a local organic beekeeper and learned to process the wax into formats suitable for candle and cosmetic making.

Packaging all products in glass, metal or compost-able containers is fundamental to my work as a responsible aromatherapist. Your own containers are always refillable, and you will always receive a discount for refilling and/or bringing your own container. I encourage packaging consciousness and refilling by:
1. Revealing the cost of the packaging in person and online.
2. Providing discounts for refilling and refunds for returning clean packaging.
3. Selling items in bulk, packed in repurposed clean containers.

My business practices were featured on Beth Terry's Blog "Fake Plastic Fish":
Check out The Business of Green Part 3: Tracey TieF of Anarres Natural Health

I participate in and support organizations in line with Anarres' values. I am a member of Karma Food Cooperative, Alterna Savings Credit Union, Mountain Equipment Co-op, WindShare and SolarShare Cooperatives.

To leverage the privilege of the Canadian dollar, more than 10% of all Anarres earnings go to a registered charity on a monthly basis. Anarres is blessed to support: InterPares, working for change among equals www.interpares.ca, tree nurseries and clean water through CPAR www.cpar.ca, and foster sisters, brothers and families through a variety of organizations including Save A Family and SOS Children's Villages Canada.


I carry on a family tradition in the healing arts. My grandmother, a nurse, farmer and natural healer, treated diabetes and polio with therapeutic massage and holistic nutrition and was recognized as Canada's first physiotherapist. My mother was an internationally recognized health & sex educator and occupational health nurse. In my five years living in the inner city anarchist community, Kathedral B, I added the therapeutic use of herbs and vegan foods to my knowledge of folk and holistic medicine.

I have an extensive background in physical therapies and the healing arts.

I am recognized by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Registered Aromatherapy Health Practitioner and Certified Reflexology Health Practitioner through The School of Holistic Studies, Institute of Aromatherapy, where I studied Lymphatic Drainage and Advanced Massage, Aromatherapy, Thai Reflexology and Foot Massage, Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology, Basic and Advanced Aromatology (Phytotherapy), soap, shampoo, conditioner and cosmetic making, Massage Chair Bodywork, Business Studies, Orientation and Practicum, Thai Yoga Massage, First Aid, Basic and Advanced Aroma Cosmetology (Holistic Skin Care), Nutritional Symptomology / Clinical Nutrition, and supervised clinical experience with seniors at a nursing home, and at the SHS Student Clinic.

In summer 2016, I completed a Green Goddess Apprenticeship with Susun Weed in the Catskills, New York State, USA. I was initiated as a Green Witch.

In spring 2017, I completed Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and Charles Williams at The O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

In the spring, summer and fall of 2019, I completed a folk herbalism mentorship with Julie Gaia in the Carolinian forest near Dundas, Ontario. Learn more about The Gaia Hive here www.juliegaia.ca and listen to Julie here

I am a member of the Preventative Health Services Group and fully insured.

I’ve received bodywork from Tracey many times and purchased several of her products. Her treatments have given me substantial relief from chronic low back pain, and her products are effective and healthy alternatives to others which are commercially available. She’s knowledgeable in an incredibly wide range of topics relevant to health and healthy living. She’s a person of remarkable integrity and compassion, qualities that come through in her clinical presence and overall business practices.

~ Chris Malec, RMT, Toronto, Canada www.spiralmassagetherapy.ca

I hold diplomas with highest honours from Stratford Career Institute in Fitness and Nutrition, Relaxation Therapy, and Natural Health Consulting. I am also certified by the India-based Institute of Holistic Health Sciences in Chakras and Integrated Healing.

Tracey is one of the wisest, most deep-hearted and brilliant, as well as wickedly charming and funny, gloriously knowledgeable, awesomely experienced and truly engaged (especially in so many struggles to help our world, our communities, and so many individuals) witches of world-saving, self-healing, natural beauty, home, and health potions, lotions, elixirs and other cool daily-use stuff ever!
~ Ira R, special needs educator, Toronto, in GigPark


I have 17 years of experience helping people in the social services with a Diploma in Lay Ministry from the University of Toronto, Wycliffe College, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Family Work from George Brown College and certificates in Certified Crisis Intervention and Prevention Trainer and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. In addition, I trained as a Certified Joint Health and Safety Committee Member (parts 1 and 2) through The Worker's Health and Safety Centre, studied Small Group Work and Adult Education at the Saint Clare Centre, health promotion, food handling and STI prevention programs through the Toronto Department of Public Health and Community Kitchen and nutrition promotion programs at Food Share.

My experience as a dancer gives me a dynamic perspective on working with the body. I was first exposed to physical therapies as a bursary student in the Junior Professional Program of the Atlantic Ballet, an apprentice with Nova Dance Theatre, and while earning my Honours BFA at York University. I facilitate Dance Our Way Home, a spiritual, themed and improvised dance practice to stories and dynamic music, for women and children.

I continue to dance, to learn, and to wonder at the art and power of the human body, mind and spirit.

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