Chinese Calligraphy: Elements and Word Meanings

Chinese Calligraphy: Elements and Words

Choose the energy you want to experience through the day by selecting the Element with the qualities you want to enhance in your life.

breathing - taking in and letting go through the breath
peace of mind, organization, independence
ability to face the truth and grow in wisdom

inspiration, creativity
manifestation, expansion, exterior expression, action
intuition, personal growth
independence and harmony

love, joy, aliveness
healthy emotional interactions and communication
spontaneity, sociability, intimacy
expression of ideas and emotions

grounding, stability, sensuality
strength, physical order, practicality
contemplation, harmony
caring for and nourishing others

relaxation, the ability to go with the flow
spirituality, inspiration,
interior strength,
self trust
life journey

These eight Chinese Characters represent the energy you can choose to invoke in your Life. Diffuse essential oils on the Word Pendant of your choice to set your Intentions powerfully with the aid of aroma!

This character means love of everyone; spouse, boy-friend/girlfriend, family, stranger and ideals. It denotes the expansion of the heart to love all. The bottom part of the character also means “friendship”.

The bottom part of this character represents the feeling of being thankful from the bottom of your heart. This feeling is deep and profound but is not always spoken aloud. Let this character speak of your gratitude for all the blessings you have in life!

In China, “Family” always refers to the extended family; spouse, children, parents, grandparents. The idea of “home” is wherever the family resides.

This character asks for no explanation. It actually looks like a person who is laughing.

A person who is lucky has all good things in life; good health, good family, good fortune and no worries about anything.

What a beautiful word! It refers to a deep peace in your heart; stillness at the core of your being that is unaffected by what is going on around you.

Simple and succinct in Chinese as in English; Joy means having a wonderful feeling in your heart!

Although this character means the same in English as it does in Chinese, the characters that make up the word are interesting. The top part is two characters which represent wood and when combined mean; forest. The bottom part represents evening, sunset. It’s a pretty image of the end of the day when nighttime dreams take over for daydreams.

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