Smell-In: AromaThera Potty Project

08/27/2012 6:00 pm
08/27/2012 9:00 pm

Open to all aroma enthusiasts and Rogue Scenters,
but especially AromaThera Potty Project Participants...
I hope you will still join us if you can at our

Smell In & Potluck (drink luck?)
Lamay Camp, Kidsville
Monday 6pm to???
We'll get a chance to meet each other, smell each other's wares and get clear on anything iffy. It will be more fun than that sounds.

and don't forget the...

Smell-O-Rama Gifting & Essential Oil Potluck (drink luck?)
Lamay Camp, Kidsville
Saturday 4pm to???
We'll share our essential oils with each other, make fancy schmancy aroma pendants for each other and and debrief the project. It will be more fun than that sounds.

Dear Everyone,

I am leaving Wednesday for a plane/train/auto odyssey that will eventually take me home to Black Rock City.
I am just now composing my Blends for Beleaguered Parents for the potties nearest Kidsville.
Inspired, I created 6 blends today. I still have ideas, but they will have to wait for a future Burn.
Here they are:

Go The F*k to Sleep
Tangerine 5 fold 20
lavender PPOF 20
chamomile 10

My Dad is a Hippie
patchouli 20
lemongrass 10
Champaka 3% 5
alcohol 25

Girls Night Out!
Lemon 5 fold 30
clary sage 20
cognac 10

ylang ylang 30
ginger grass 20
bitter orange 10
lavender PP 10

Rise and Shine!
Orange 5 fold 30
peppermint japanese 20
ginger 10

and my parental piece de resistance....

Coffee and a Smoke
coffee 5
tobacco 5
michealia alba 20
alcohol 15

Want to share your blends?
I am personally hoping that someone does a "Walking Through the Forest" using evergreen oils.

Love & RRRevolution!

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