Incense: Clearance Magickal Handmade at Anarres 100% Essential Oil

Price: $6.00
Incense: Clearance Magickal

Purifies Mind, Body and Spirit

This handmade incense purifies and protects people and magical things. This new formula incorporates fir needle to purify you physically, lemongrass to purify you psychically, lime to clear and protect you and eucalyptus radiata to dispell
illness and conflict.

Ingredients: bamboo stick, Green Certified charcoal, natural bond and essential oils.

Made with only pure essential oils, instead of fragrances, chemicals or DPG.

Proudly packaged in compost-able 100% eucalyptus cellophane and 100% recycled chlorine-free paper.

Directions: Hold the incense by the bamboo end and light the coated end away from face and hair. Then gently blow out the flame.
Never leave unattended when lit.
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for ingestion.

10 Sticks
1 hour + burn time per stick!