Incense: Clearance Magickal

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Incense: Clearance Magickal

Made with only pure essential oils, not fragrances, chemicals or DPG, this handmade incense purifies and protects people and magickal things.

Copal infused oil gently cleanses negative energy, eucalyptus radiata* dispells illness and conflict, while lime is personally purifying and protecting.

Q. I am getting into the natural things. How do you burn the incense ?

A.Hello *(),

You burn my incense the same way you burn any other incense. Light the tip of the stick or cone. When there is an ember glowing on the end, blow the flame out. (If you don't blow the flame out, the incense may begin to smoke.) Then place your incense on a burn proof surface such as a ceramic or metal dish. Sticks can be stuck into a plant pot or stick incense burner.

Does that help?

Love & RRRevolution, Tracey

Ingredients: (bamboo stick), wood powder, natural bond, and essential oils *Certified Organically Grown

10 Sticks in a 100% compostable vegetable eucaluptus cellophane wrapper.
1 hour + burn time per stick!