Bag: Anarres Caribeener, Reusable and pocketable

Price: $5.00

I attended VirginFest to see Bjork and Metric, and being the sort of can't-stop-working person I am, I gathered recyclable materials off the grounds in order to win prizes. What did I choose? Two Chico Bags. I loved my Chico Bags SOOO much that I decided to order 500 of them with my logo and info on them, so that people could not only stop using disposable plastic bags, but they could remember my services whenever they wanted, because my business card would be attached by a handy-dandy caribeener to their belt.

What I love about the bags is:
1. They attach by caribeener to whatever bag I am carrying.
2. They are lightweight.
3. They are small when stuffed in their little attached pouch, and big when they are un-stuffed.
4. It's impossible to stuff them wrong. It's actually gratifying!
5. The handles are not stitched on, but rather the bag and handle are one reinforced piece.
6. They don't go moldy, need washing so much or get stained like my cotton reuseable bags.
7. I can't forget to take a bag because I always have one on me!
8. They are made in a happy factory by truly ethical social entrepreneurs.

So buy one! Buy one for everyone!

ChicoBag Story
By Marion Harmon

The problem of too much trash is what inspired Andy Keller to invent the ChicoBag. It began with a trip he took to the local landfill while landscaping his backyard. “I was horrified by the volume of trash being buried every day,” says Keller “The plastic bags caught my eye, blowing around, stuck on the tie-downs. It was that day I set the intention to kick the wasteful single-use bag habit.”

Keller went to a thrift shop and bought a sewing machine, then sat at his kitchen table and created a prototype for a handy, reusable shopping bag. That was two-and-a-half years ago, and Keller’s original inspiration has led to a successful and rapidly growing business. ChicoBags have a compact design that makes them easy to throw in a purse or fit on a belt loop…

“The big picture is that I want to make a difference,” he says. “It doesn’t have to be in regard to the environment—I see it all tied together, actually, as far as social causes, health, the environment. Basically just recognizing the interconnectedness of humanity, to each other as well as to everything else in the universe.”

Chico Statement Fall 2007

Keller exhibits those values by hiring employees who share the same values; manufacturing the bags in a fair-labor, fair-wage factory in China; and fostering a recycling program for expired ChicoBags.

In addition to selling the bags to retailers, Keller prints them with logos for use as promotional items by companies and nonprofit organizations. The bags are also available at a lower cost for school fundraising. “This third part of our business is the one I’m most interested in,” says Keller. He offers schools an alternative to selling cookie dough or candy that is “more in line with educational standards and environmental goals.”

ChicoBag Company is equipping humanity with tools that will help eliminate the environmental damage caused by single-use paper and plastic bags. We have done this by designing reusable bags that are durable, tasteful and most importantly unforgettable.

ChicoBag Company strives to deliver solutions that are affordable and therefore accessible to all economic classes.

We believe addressing even the largest of problems start with small solutions.

Zero-Waste Program

We have an active repurposing and recycling program for all brands and types of reusable bags. ChicoBag doesn't want ANY reusable bag to be left in a dark closet or sent to a landfill.

Send us all of your tired masses of reusable bags, functional or not. We will distribute them to fixed and low income families ready to start a reusable bag habit or recycle them into new useful products.

Send your reusable bags to:
ChicoBag Company
C/O Zero Waste Program
345 Huss Drive
Chico, CA 95928

Grateful Thread

The ChicoBag Company has partnered with The Grateful Thread to recycle any reusable bag that is no longer functional. The expired bags are transformed into beautiful woven rugs.

In the mid 19th century, women of the coal mining towns of Northeastern Pennsylvania would weave and sew to help support their families. Today, women at The Grateful Thread weave and sew to support victims of domestic violence.

The Grateful Thread is a business initiative of Schuylkill Women in Crisis which serves Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Your purchase of these fine products not only provides funds to support services, but also provides job training opportunities to victims of domestic violence and others re-entering the work force.

The Grateful Thread also supports the environment by offering many products made from 100% recycled materials. Donated fabrics and other materials are woven, knit and crocheted into colorful textiles which are then incorporated into everyday products such as totes, handbags, aprons, placemats, rugs, and more.

For more information about Schuylkill Women in Crisis and the services they offer, you can visit For information on The Grateful Thread, visit


#1 bd : This bag is THE BEST!!

I don't even bother using other bags, now that I've tried this one. It folds up small, I can pop it into my purse/whatever bag I'm carrying. I use this daily. It's strong, easy to stash, and a space saver. LOVE IT!