Anarres NEWS for May, 2009

Anarres Emo Essential Oil Blends Launched!
I've created two dozen essential oil blends to diffuse or sniff wherever your emo takes you. (Pages 2 through 4) $15/10 ml

Anarres Essential Oils Launched at The Hermit's Lamp!
The Hermit's Lamp now carries 4 dozen essential oils from Anarres. Now you can choose to shop at The Hermit's Lamp, the Anarres Clinic, or online here for the finest therapeutic quality oils at affordable prices.

Two new partnerships for workshops:
The Love Lab at Good For Her May 11, 7 to 9pm
Practical Aromatherapy for the Spirit at The Hermit's Lamp June 14, 1 to 4pm

Anarres Local Liniment Rub
Easily my most potent formula yet, this alternative to Tiger Balm uses whole botanical ingredients that are local and/or indigenous.

Community Cinema Circle Continues Thursday, May 21
Every 3rd Thursday of each month, Aangen & I showcase films that connect us with the world around us. Organic popcorn, Aangen tea and discussion included!

Alternatives to Plastics from Canada's Sanctus Mundo
I am proud to be accepted as one of their last new retailers.

Food Storage/Lunch Box w/ Fold-Out Handle and Inner Plate

Food Storage/Lunch Box with Fold-Out Handle, 14cm

Oval Food Storage/Lunch Box, 16 cm (6.25")

3-Piece Dish Set: Bowl, Cup & Plate

Green Frog Dish 3 piece Set with Stainless Steel Interior

Bowl Set - with Stainless Steel Interior

Double Walled Yellow Tiger Mug with Stainless Steel Interior

Stainless Steel Canisters in 250 and 1000ml sizes
Nice tight fitting lids with rolled lips for everything from bath salts to ointments and body balms. Makes a great container for take out sauces or lunches, too!

My new 4x6 vegetable cellulose compostable bag supplier is Canadian and makes the bags from North American trees.

The Celeste Sacred Geometry Pendant is an unfolding lotus for your hands.

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