Solar Hot Water - It's Hot!

I had my new Solar Hot Water System installed, and boy is my water hot! My hot water heater hasn't come on since!

Solar also seems to be a hot topic. Green Living Magazine has a feature article here:

Here are some basic facts in case you are considering solar hot water for your home, or considering convincing your landlord:
~ It heats water year round, even in February 2008, a house in the west end of Toronto had water coming down from the roof at 31C to 37C!
~ I expect to save $500 in gas from hot water heating, as my heater now only has to increase the temperature a fraction.
~ It's distilled water in the system, not glycol, so there can be no contamination, ever!
~ It's on a rack on my roof, not a flat panel, so it fits on my small house on the flat roof where panels could not fit on the peak.
~ Because it consists of tubes, the sun's rays can reach it throughout the day, and throughout the seasons.
~ I made a down payment of 10%, and final payment on installation for a total of less than $4,000.
~ I will receive more than $3,000 in rebates from the federal and provincial government, bringing my cost to less than $1,000.
~ I expect the system to pay for itself in less than 2 years!
~ The installation takes a day - that night, you'll be pouring a bath of fresh, hot solar heated water!
~ Manny from Globe Solar booked a home energy audit for me, which is required to qualify for the grants. The auditor came a few days later and it only took an hour or so. I look forward to the report that will tell me how I can improve my home's energy efficiency. The audit cost $300, but I'll get $150 back in a rebate! Plus, it's then tax deductible.
~ The professional installation team showed me how it works and provided permanent tags on the two taps and two new shut offs located above my rental water heater - no extra tank, no moving parts!!!
~ If you like, you can have your home audited and the system installed within days of your decision to go solar!

I've already had much interest from neighbours, friends and Facebook fellows. If you want a FREE home visit from Manny of Globe Solar to see if the system is what you want, just let me know and I'll refer you right away!

Stay tuned as I work out a partnership with a local environmental charity!