Balm: Mamalicious Baby

Price: $12.50
Balm: Mamalicious Baby

This all-in-one healing ointment prevents and soothes diaper rashes, boo-boos, eczema, and psoriasis. Another client uses the Mamalicious balm to heal her blepharitis (a condition of the skin around the eyes).

Ingredients: sunflower seed oil* Helianthus annus, beeswax Cera alba, shea butter** Butyrospermum parkii, calendula* Calendula officinalis & arnica* Arnica montana & St John’s wort Hypericum perforatum infused in sunflower seed oil* Helianthus annus, vitamine E mixed tocopherols, essential oils of Roman chamomile* Chamaemelum nobile, lavender* Lavandula officinalis and myrrh Commiphora myrrha.
Certified **Fair Trade *Organically Grown

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"I absolutely love this!!!! We are very environmentally conscious in our house, and this fits all of our needs, but most importantly - it works!! We use cloth diapers on our baby, and there are a lot of creams that you can't use as they are not compatible with cloth diapers, but this one works fantastic! I love how creamy it is, and how it clears up any rashes! My older son has eczema and it helps with his rash too! Thank-you Tracey!"

~ Cassandra

Just wanted to say thank you again for the (Mamalicious) workshop. I've got cold and I've actually been using the balm on my nose to soothe it after blowing so much! I love it.

Paloma (Hanlon, teacher and new mother, England)

Amazing!!! I have psoriasis on my legs and about 7 mo. ago got a nasty patch on my left elbow. It has been red and looks like a scar. I tried a photographer I was worried about how my clients would react to this skin disease. 3 days after using the cream....gone...event the red scar like colour! Thank you, Tracey! Posted By: Suzanne , photographer, Toronto wedding day memories url: intimate pregnancy portraits url:



This balm is good to almost everything!! It’s great as a lip balm during the winter
I burned my lips on my motorcycle and this healed them within a few days

Don’t use petroleum products aka Vaseline when this is SOOOOOO much better.

I’m sure it’s great for babies too!!