Balm: Vegan Sun Healing for Lips and Face

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Balm: Vegan Sun Healing for Lips and Face

OUT OF STOCK blue glass 5g $4.50
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Metal or blue glass 25g $8.00

Anarres lip balms nourish lips, heal cold sores and protect you from the sun all year round. Cocoa, hemp seed, rice bran and vitamine E oils are naturally SPF 15, while the amino acids in hemp seed oil and calendula healing oil help rebuild damaged skin.

THIS NEW FORMULA IS FREE OF WAXES AND BENZOIN AND CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS (and of course, all Anarres ingredients are traditional and safe, so there is never and animal testing of any ingredient or product.)

* **cocoa butter Theobroma cacao, ***hemp seed oil Cannabis sativa, rice bran oil Oriza sativa, * ***calendula officinalis in * ***sunflower seed oil 
Helianthus annuus, * **vegetable glycerine, vitamine E mixed tocopherols.

*Certified Organically Grown
**Fairly Traded, ethically sourced
***local to Ontario, organically farmed