Blend: Mental Fitness Collection, Peace of Mind, Essential Oil

Price: $15.00
Blend: Mental Fitness Collection, Peace of Mind, 100% Essential Oil

Connect with your still, small voice.
Created to balance your mental state
while you learn to relieve your stress and anxiety.

Aroma: A fresh, bright floral scent, like a gentle breeze on a care-free day!

Lavender is traditionally used to relieve depression caused by claustrophobic thinking. Studies suggest its ability to relieve anxiety stems from the stimulation of GABAA receptors through the sense of smell alone.

Marjoramis said to balance the chakras and to focus energy around the Solar Plexus, allowing mental monkey chatter to fade away. Marjoram appears to increase some chemicals in the brain, heart, and body that help heal dementias, chronic pain, and mood disorders.

Rose 10% in jojoba is the go-to de-stressor, assisting the body and mind to recover from stress hormones, and the body to immediately process the by-products of a stress reaction, restoring peace of mind. Smelling rose could literally help like a good night's sleep!

Sold in a blue glass bottle with a white dripulator cap.