Bottle: Glass, Tall 25mL, 50mL, 100mL

Price: $3.00

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Bottle: Glass, Tall, Green 50mL

Zelo Tall Glass bottles come in a smart and simple cylindrical shape and are a great canvas bottle to apply your own unique labels.

They are of food-grade quality, but not sterile; please sterilize appropriately for the product before filling.

They are available in:

Caps & Tops Included
Please tell us your preference in the comments with your order:
20mm gold or silver cap
20mm atomizer in black, brown or white
20mm treatment pump in natural (thicker) or silver (thinner)

We may not be able to provide your first choice of colour or cap,
in which case we will call you to offer you a substitution or refund.

Size (ml) 25mL+=1 oz, 50+mL +=2 oz, 100mL+=4 oz
Neck (mm) 20