Candle: Palm Pillar Wax

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Candle: Palm Pillar Blend
kosher certifiedcertified vegan

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100% Modified vegetable wax

Our NatureWax Elite-300 is an all-natural Palm Pillar wax offering convenience and ease of use for the creation of premium-quality pillar candles, votive candles, taper candles, wax melts, and tealights. Palm-based waxes offer an eco-friendly, high-performance substitute to Paraffin that is also sturdier and harder than other plant-based waxes such as Soy. This premium wax blend has been carefully designed for extra robustness for a seamless pour and clean release from molds. It provides a strong scent throw and mixes easily with dyes to achieve evenly-shaded and brighter candle colors. The wax is sold in the form of off-white, easy to use slabs.


Extremely Robust
NatureWax Elite-300's proprietary formulation gives rise to a hard, strong, and stable wax that is perfect for free-standing candle applications, wax melts, and tarts.

Painless Mold Release
The blend helps separate and expel your candles from molds easily and effortlessly while preserving its aesthetics.

Flexible Finishes
For elegantly textured yet forgiving finishes, the candle can be poured at a cooler temperature. This creates a raw, earthy, rugged surface that provides a unique yet coveted home decor look. For a more modern, smooth-style design, the candle should be poured at a hotter temperature.

Dye Compatibility
Specially formulated for seamless and uniform blending with liquid or powdered dyes, NatureWax Elite-300 provides unparalleled creativity for beautifully vivid candle creations.

Improved Fragrance
The blend has the capacity to retain a high scent load of up to 5%, providing a great cold and hot throw for an exceptional olfactory experience.

Cleaner Burn With Better Value
Candles made with NatureWax waxes burn more slowly, produce less soot, and last longer than paraffin, giving consumers more value for their candle dollars.

Please Note: To ensure optimal performance, we strongly recommend first-time users conduct a test run on a small batch before using the wax in full-scale production. For more information, please click here (for Smooth Product Handling Sheet) or here (for Texture Product Handling Sheet).

Caution: Do not use copper or brass tools or containers when working with soy wax, as the copper and brass will discolor the wax.