Candle: Wax, Vege for Container Candles

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Candle: Wax, Vege for Container Candles

NatureWax Elite-200 Soy/Palm Container Wax

Sold by the gram @$0.0090/g. Please bring or order a bag

MAIL OR PICK UP ORDER (pre-packed)
You must (please) order a minimum of 100g (or $5 worth whichever is less) and buy a biodegradable bag or container.
We reserve the right to change your container to a more appropriate size as needed and to credit or invoice you for any difference in your total order cost.

Our NatureWax Elite-200 is a premium-quality Soy and Palm container blend for exceptional candle performance and integrity. A great eco-friendly alternative to Paraffin, this all-natural wax blend is designed for extra robustness to achieve pristine candles with a single pour. It contributes to an excellent scent throw with a high fragrance loading and is the ideal choice for creamy container candles and tealights. The wax is available in the form of off-white, easy-to-use slabs.


Extremely Robust
NatureWax Elite-200's proprietary formulation gives rise to a harder, more stable wax that is easy to use and mold, while offering excellent flexibility for creative experimentation. It is suitable for both experienced and beginner chandlers.

Single-Pour Blend
Designed with ease of use and time in mind, the blend's consistent performance lets you produce beautiful candles with a single pour. The blend provides strong adhesion to containers with appropriate cooling and preheating of containers if needed.

Strong Frost Resistance
Achieve beautiful aesthetics without frosting or fat blooms. The result will be a consistent, flawless candle appearance with no surface defects or blotchy textures.

Improved Fragrance
The blend has the capacity to retain a high scent load of up to 12%, providing a strong cold and hot throw for an exceptional olfactory experience.

Dye Compatibility
Both liquid or powdered candle dyes can be incorporated for evenly-shaded, vivid, and long-lasting colours.

Cleaner Burn With Better Value
Candles made with NatureWax waxes burn more slowly, produce less soot, and last longer than paraffin, giving consumers more value for their candle dollars.

Please Note: To ensure optimal performance, we strongly recommend first-time users conduct a test run on a small batch before using the wax in full-scale production. For more information, please click here for the Handling Sheet.

Caution: Do not use copper or brass tools or containers when working with soy wax, as the copper and brass will discolor the wax.