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18/8 stainless steel. Made ethically in Korea.

These round airtight stainless steel food storage containers are amazing! No more mess when carrying around soups, and other highly liquid content foods.

ONYX Airtight / Watertight Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers are ideal for storing:

prepared foods (such as soups)
food /meats in the freezer
ground & fresh cuts meat in the refrigerator
natural and processed cheese
pre-cut fruit
cold cuts & cured meats
tea & coffee
many types of fresh vegetables
breads, cereals, sugar, flour & rice
pies, pastries & cakes
food while camping (food odour cannot escape)

Available in 11 different sizes, they will fill your every need. The smallest container is great for baby food, toddler snacks or whatever else you can think of. Once you try these, you won't want anything else. They are made of very high grade, 316 (18/10) food grade stainless steel, and the lid has a silicone seal. You can also write on the container with a marker or grease pencil, to identify contents and date, and wash it off later. The bottom part of the container can be washed in the dishwasher, but the lid is not dishwasher or oven safe.

You can use them in the freezer to prevent foods from getting freezer burn and remain free of freezer/fridge odour. The larger sizes are perfect for storing bread, sliced pineapple, watermelon, tea, coffee (prevents loss of aroma) and more. You may want to use them to store food items that are sold in plastic packaging. They will stay fresher longer.

These airtight containers have received great reviews from our customers, and from Toronto Star Living Reporter Barbara Turnbull (see comments below).

Sizes in stock:

8 cm (3 1/8") diameter - 140 ml / 4.7 oz.

10 cm (4") diameter - 350 ml / 10.4 oz.

12 cm (4 3/4") diameter - 700 ml / 24 oz.

14 cm (5 1/2") diameter - 1.1 L / 37 oz.

16 cm (6 1/4") diameter - 1.5 L / 51 oz.

18 cm (7 1/16") diameter - 1.75 L / 59 oz.

20 cm (7 7/8") diameter - 2 L / 68 oz.

23 cm (9") diameter - 4 L / 135 oz.

26 cm (10 1/4") diameter - 6 L / 203 oz.

30 cm (12") diameter - 575 oz. / 4.5 gal / 17L - CHOOSE LARGE

33 cm (13") diameter - CHOOSE EXTRA LARGE

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#1 Anarres : Stainless steel food containers preferred over plastic

Stainless steel food containers preferred over plastic
Published On Mon Apr 19 2010

Food storage has long been my nemesis. How can so much just vanish? How can they become so mismatched? Even glass storage is temporary, as the plastic lids disappear or crack.

A gift of five airtight, watertight, stainless steel food containers called Airtight Food Storage solved my problem. These can go in the freezer, the fridge and directly onto the stovetop or in the toaster oven for warming up (though the silicone-lined lid isn’t dishwasher or oven-safe).

Great for leftovers, the containers can be written on in non-permanent marker, which washes off easily. “You can put soup in it, throw it in a backpack and it won’t leak,” says Jay Sinha, who, along with his wife, Chantal Plamondon, started Life Without Plastic after the birth of their son. They sell high-quality, non-toxic household products.

The Airtight Food Storage storage containers come in five sizes, priced individually from $15.70 to $31.45, or in sets of four or five. It’s pricey, but can last forever. Plus it’s too valuable to lose track of it...

Note that I carry the Onyx brand of the same Airtight containers at Anarres. Barbara Turnbull reviewed the Sanctus Mundo brand in the article quoted above.

Tracey TieF
Certified Natural Health Practitioner