Contraception: Fertility Awareness Starter Kit

Price: $97.00
Contraception: Fertility Awareness Starter Kit

Fertility Awareness Starter Kit
~ Up to 99.4 % effective contraception!

Charting your cycle provides you with the knowledge and body literacy to:
* Anticipate when your period is coming.
* Heal menstrual pain.
* Effectively time insemination / intercourse to achieve pregnancy if desired.

The Kit includes everything you need to start charting your cycle! Learn how to observe, chart, and interpret menstrual cycle events and proven signs of fertility and infertility with Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner Laura Salamanca.

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The kit includes:
~ 1 Justisse Method User's Guide,
~ 6 paper charts,
~ 2 sheets of colour dots,
~ 1 thermometer,
~ 1 brochure about fertility awareness,
~ contact cards for consulting with Laura Salamanca, Justisse instructor.