Food Wraps by Earthology, Beeswax

Price: $8.00
Food Wraps by Earthology, Beeswax

Handcrafted. High Quality. Organic. Toxin Free.

The smalls are for wrapping vegetables or making snack packs, the mediums for covering bowls, cheese etc. and a large which is great for dinner plates and smaller casserole dishes.

Small size - 7" by 7"

Medium size - 10" by 10"

Large size - 13" by 13"

Patterns change seasonally

Made from the finest, sustainable ingredients, Earthology Food Wraps are designed to make your life more beautiful while helping you live a zero-waste lifestyle. Use to store foods, keep foods fresh, and to make snack bags and travel kits... say goodbye to plastic wrap forever!

Reusable, Washable, and Compostable!

Food Wraps are an Eco-friendly Replacement for Plastic Wrap.

Made in Toronto!