Kombucha Skillshare & Candlelit Potluck Dinner

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To launch our monthly The Food Group Potluck & Skillshare, we'll be hosting a Kombucha making skillshare and candlelit potluck dinner. There is table seating for a dozen or more, plus plenty of cushions to picnic on the floor. Come for the kombucha (fermented tea) making demo, bring your extra SCOBYs if you can, Then let's gather together to enjoy a rainbow of foods we've each brought to share. All ages. All foods.

What to bring: Yourself, your friends, your family, enough food for each of you and to share, your list of ingredients, your extra SCOBYs for those who want to try their hand at kombucha making. RSVP, please, to Tracey AT AnarresHealth.ca

Space is limited, so please RSVP by registering! It's free, but we want to be sure that everyone who wants to come can.

2018/06/02 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm