Workshop: Lotion Base Lab

Price: $10.00
Workshop: Lotion Base Lab

WHAT: Lotion Base Lab:
Cleansers, Hair Conditioners, plus other concoctions.
WHEN: Friday, OCTOBER 13, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
WHERE: Anarres Natural Health Apothecary, 749 Dovercourt Road M6H2X1 NE corner at Bloor.

If you want to learn how multi purpose lotions and creams can be (aka "the secrets" to fabric softeners, hair conditioners and moisturizers...) but haven't yet taken the plunge into making your own from scratch...
If you've attended the full day make it from scratch class, or already know how to make lotions and creams, here's your chance to practice, learn and play some more!

You'll learn how to use basic white lotion and cream as a:
hair conditioner
facial cleanser
base for medicinal concoctions
(and fabric softener!!!)

and you'll customize it with wholesome, skin healing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and oils such as avocado, hemp seed, apricot kernel oil, sesame, and sea buckthorn, plus essential oils.

You'll leave with 100ml metal pump bottle of lotion - a $15 value!!!

What a wonderful class this was. You, Tracey are just fantastic. I was entranced listening to you and appreciated the fact that you took time to answer questions and explain the whys and wherefores as we continued. Thank you.

I have always been interested in potions, creams, lotions, I loved the course today. I can hardly wait to learn more, and am looking forward to more classes with you.

Once again, thank you.

~ Linda, retired flight attendant

As an experiment, in order to gather as many people together who want to learn,
and in the hopes of earning a living wage,
I am offering my introductory workshops for a limited time
at Pay-What-Feels-Right rates. To learn more about the costs and the process please go here:

DEPOSIT OF $10 IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER: You may pay for my labour upfront here or at the workshop, but please make a minimum deposit of $10 to hold your spot. This pays for the materials and costs I need to spend upfront.

You will be invited to pay what feels right for my labour, travel costs and the space rental after the workshop. REGULAR EVENING WORKSHOP PRICES in Toronto RANGE FROM $30 TO $80 PER PERSON.

OR YOU CAN PAY HERE: PLEASE send an e-transfer or mail a cheque today! Anarres Natural Health 749 Dovercourt Road Toronto ON M6H 2X1. Please eTransfer money to AnarresHealth AT . Don't forget to check out so that I receive your registration!

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Repeats every 6 months until Mon Jan 01 2018 except Fri Sep 29 2017.
2017/10/13 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

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