Ask Me Anything: how to purify my water without too much investment

Q: hi there

i would like to learn
how to do soap with tallow
how to make hair healthy and shiny
how to purify my water without too much investment
how to cure tinnitus naturally
thank you if you have any solutions

3. I sell water purifiers that I use myself at home and for all of my products
Terra Cotta Water Purifying Crocks from Brazil are affordable and healthy for people and planet! The triple-action micro-pore ceramic, colloidal silver and activated carbon filter cartridges efficiently remove unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, unwanted metals such as lead, and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals.
Stefani water filters consistently remove and reduce the following impurities and contaminants:

99.9% Bacteria
99.9% Amoeba
99.7% Copper
99.6% Lead
98.5% Chlorine
99.4% Iron
99.4% Zinc
97.0% Bromoform
95.0% Dichlorobromomethane
94.5% Aluminum
93.0% Chloroform
93.0% Dibromochloromethane
92.0% Dieldrin
87.0% Lindane
>50% to <10% Fluoride, municipally added water

... Resulting in naturally fresh and 100% healthy water.

These ones are on sale!


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