Blend: Beleaguered Parents Essential Oil

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Blend: Beleaguered Parents Essential Oil

Blends for Beleaguered Parents were developed for the portapotties near Kidsville at Burning Man.

I created 6 blends. The set of six (Quantity 6 and specify SET in the text box above) comes in a free cotton drawstring bag.

Go The F*k to Sleep
Tangerine 5 fold 5
lavender Marie 4
chamomile 1

My Dad is a Hippie
patchouli 20
lemongrass 10
Champaka 3% 5
alcohol 25

Girls Night Out!
Lemon 5 fold 30
clary sage 20
cognac 10

ylang ylang 30
ginger grass 20
bitter orange 10
lavender PP 10

Rise and Shine!
Orange 5 fold 30
peppermint japanese 20
ginger 10

and my parental piece de resistance....

Coffee and a Smoke
coffee 5
tobacco 5
michealia alba 20
alcohol 15

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10ml amber glass bottle.