Brush: Oval Vegetable, Wood, by Redecker Handcrafted Natural Vegan Bristle

Price: $11.50
Brush: Wood, Oval Vegetable, Handcrafted Natural Vegan Bristle
Brush: Vegetable Washing Natural Vegan Bristle HandcraftedBrush: Wood, Oval Vegetable, Handcrafted Natural Vegan Bristle potatoes

The ideal companion for scrubbing root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and beets.

Made from untreated beechwood/ tampico fibre/ union fibre.

Length: 13.5 cm / 5"

Made in Germany

The natural fibres on this brush will give your vegetables a good scrub. Can also be used on fruits (not the delicate variety) to remove harmful pesticides. This brush contains no plastic.

The bristles are sisal, which is well inserted in the wooden handle that is made from untreated FSC certified beach wood. This is one tuff brush that keeps scrubbing, and when it's over, you can just drop it into the compost.

About the Makers
Handcrafted by a small family-owned workshop in Germany.