Button: for Unist'ot'en Camp and Nimkii Aazhibikong

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Buttons: for Unist'ot'en Camp and Nimkii Aazhibikong
Button: Protect the SacredButton: No ConsentButton: Unist'ot'en FrogButton: One People One Land

One People One Land
Sacred Earth Cariboo


All proceeds are split between Unist'ot'en Camp to protect their water and defend their land against pipelines, and Nimkii Aazhibikong, a place where youth and Elders come to connect to the land, each other and to pass down the language and traditional knowledge to the next generations.

The buttons were made by artist and MC Anto Chan http://www.antochan.com/, with designs by Christi Belcourt and Isaac Murdoch http://onamancollective.com/.

Thank you for donating to the Unist’ot’en Camp. Your contribution ensures that supporters on the land have food and medical supplies, that Unist’ot’en Youth are able to visit their territories, that Wet’suwet’en Elders have the necessary materials on the land to teach traditional hunting, gathering, food processing, language skills, songs, stories and more. Your monetary contributions enable the Unist’ot’en Clan to stop the pipelines that threaten all of us. 100% of funds go directly to the camp hosts.

The Unist’ot’en and their allies will be facing mounting legal fees in order to protect the territory. Legal funds for the Unist’ot’en land defenders are absolutely crucial and the main priority at this time. Learn more here http://unistoten.camp/support-us/donate/

Nimkii Aazhibikong means Village of Thunder Mountain. It’s the name given by Elders to a year-round Ojibway Art, Culture and Language Revitalization Camp being built by a community of youth, Elders and organizers located north of Elliot Lake, Ontario within traditional Anishinaabeg territory. Donations will go toward building supplies.

Nimkii Aazhibikong is an independent Indigenous-led camp that is focused on connecting young people with elders for arts and cultural land-based teachings. The camp is an Ojibway language revitalization camp for youth that is working towards producing the next generation of fluent speakers on the land. Guided by elders, it is also a camp for the cultural resurgence of sustainable Indigenous practices and restoration of traditional Indigenous land and resource protection and management.

Right now Indigenous languages including Anishinaabemowin along the North Shore of Lake Huron is in crisis. Many of the speakers are Elders and many communities have no children speaking the language. We want to inspire the next generation and encourage fluency in the language. The Elders have told us this can only be fully realized while on the land. Learn more http://onamancollective.com/research/