Clay: Diatomaceous Earth / Fossil Flour FOOD GRADE by the gram

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Clay: Diatomaceous Earth / Fossil Flour FOOD GRADE by the gram
Clay: Diatomaceous Earth / Fossil Flour FOOD GRADE 400gOMRI Listed

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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth DE, from the USA.
This fossil flour has been reviewed and is now listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute.

Help spread the word about this marvellous natural deposit! Common uses:
~ Natural Pest Control in the garden
~ Preventing caking in dry preparations such as make-up, masks, clays, etc
~ Improving absorption of nutrients while cleansing the intestines or parasites

This Fossil Shell Flour is Pure Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth. It is of the highest quality available, being greater than 99.5% amorphous silica and less than 1/2% crystalline silica. Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth is used for internal and external use. The popularity of Diatomaceous Earth is the result of word-of-mouth testimonials from consumers who are very enthusiastic about the results they have experienced.

Where is this Diatomaceous Earth from? All Diatomaceous Earth is not the same. This Diatomaceous Earth comes from an extremely pure freshwater deposit of the diatom Aulacoseira from a deposit created in the Miocene epoch.

Why is this diatom so special? Its shell is made of amorphous silica. Its shape and hardness are important to how it works. Its hardness keeps it from dissolving in liquid. The holes along the diatom's wall allow it to absorb moisture, hence its use as an anti-caking agent.

Darker-coloured Diatomaceous Earth often contains an excess of a particular mineral such as iron or a high percentage of clay. This fossil shell flour is almost pure white and consists of 89% (and sometimes more) of Silicon Dioxide plus 28 trace minerals which mean more diatom surface area is available. More diatom area means greater absorptive capacity and more benefits for your digestive system and your cosmetic uses.

Fossil Shell Flour does not swell, does not absorb nutrients, and poses no long-term hazard when used as directed.

Why fresh water vs. salt water Diatomaceous Earth?
Fresh water deposits like ours have a consistent diatom presence. Their fossilized shells have maintained their tubular shape. This shape and strength of the fossil shell are critical to its effectiveness. Our deposit has 89 - 95 percent amorphous silica content. This deposit is also more consistent with the purity of other elements that have settled in it. A freshwater deposit is confined to the runoff water of its surrounding environment. A freshwater deposit in the mountains, such as ours, formed when snow was pure and its runoff provided the water source these diatoms lived in. Salt water deposits contain a mix of types of diatoms of different shapes. Their fossilized shells are fragile and break easily. The saltwater deposits are less predictable in their sediments.

What's the difference between amorphous and crystalline silica? Amorphous silica is silica in its naturally occurring state. It is a trace mineral every mammal on the planet needs to live. It becomes crystalline when it is exposed to extreme heat through volcanic activity or commercial manufacturing means. The type of Diatomaceous Earth used in swimming pools, and other filtration systems is crystalline silica. Crystalline silica is extremely dangerous when inhaled or ingested. It is not biodegradable. This Diatomaceous Earth contains less than one-half of 1% of crystalline silica and is considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

Prevents Mold in Dry Preparations! Fossil shell flour, mixed in dry cosmetic preparations, coats each particle making it difficult for the particles to stick together. This allows the material (clay, or powder) to "flow" better and its absorption ability protects it from mold. No mold means less waste, and less shrinkage!

Improves Digestion! By separating the particles, digestive enzymes are able to completely surround each particle. This allows for more complete digestion.

According to

"Diatomaceous earth is probably the best natural anti-parasitic medication. It is a natural pesticide that does not harm humans or pets. It is believed to kill insects, worms, and parasites by dehydrating them. When used on ants, it usually takes approximately 20 minutes before they are all dead. One tablespoon of diatomaceous earth taken by an adult, once a day for seven days, is believed to be extremely effective in killing all parasites. When it is used on children, bear in mind that height is a better indicator of the size of their G.I. tracts than their weight. Thus, a child who is 4 feet tall should take 2 teaspoons, and a child who is 2 feet tall should take 1 teaspoon.

If you take the diatomaceous earth route, then we advise you to only buy it food grade. Industrial diatomaceous earth is used for swimming pool filters, but it has been chemically treated, so this type is not safe to eat. Try to avoid rubbing it onto your hands, since it will have a drying effect on the skin. .. Our research indicates that diatomaceous earth is the best overall parasite treatment for humans because it can kill blood-borne parasites as well. When using it, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, because it can dehydrate a person considerably.

As parasites die, they release toxins through their excrement and from rotting. The most common parasites, the worm type, attempt to escape by burrowing deeper into the intestines, which can cause sharp cramps. Even when dead, the body is still burdened with the task of flushing them out. This whole process can initially make the person feel sicker than before he began the cleanse, but this is only temporary, and it is a sign that the cleanse is working. It is known as a Herxheimer reaction when people become sicker as a result of the toxins that are released by dying parasites. While fatigue and grogginess are to be expected, a normal life may be continued, and diarrhea should not occur. Eat a good, wholesome diet throughout the cleanse to ensure that your immune system is at its strongest. After the cleanse, you should feel better, have more energy, and experience sickness less often."

See also for more info concerning human food, and many other uses.

For insect control in the garden and home: Eliminates Ants, fire ants, caterpillars, cutworms, armyworms, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, snails, spiders, termites, scorpions, silverfish, lice, mites, flies, centipedes, earwigs, slugs, aphids, Japanese beetles (grub stage), fruit flies, corn earworm, cucumber beetles, corn borer, stink bugs, squash vine borers, thrips, loopers, etc., etc.

For Personal Infestations: bedbugs, mites, lice, scabies, bed mite, harvest mite, tropical rat mite, grain mites, mould mites, house mites, itch mites, bird mites, chiggers, clove mites, straw itch mites, dust mites, and other household pests.

Recommended Use as an Anti-Caking agent
Mix at a rate not to exceed 2% of the dry weight of the preparation.

Photo thanks to SprocketRocket [CC0].