Incense: Frankincense aka Olibanum Resin / Drops / Tears

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Incense: Frankincense Resin / Drops / Tears

Boswellia serrata resin/drops/tears cultivated and harvested in India.

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Burn this beautiful resin, also called tears or drops. on charcoal, or infuse it in oil for a luxuriant, meditative bath or massage.

Description: The trunk of the frankincense tree exudes a sticky substance called resin. This resin is made up of roughly 65% gum, 30% resin and 4% essential oil. It can be harvested once the resin has hardened into crystals.

History: Frankincense has been used in perfumes & cosmetics for thousands of years. Today it remains a fragrance component in soaps, incense, and of course, cosmetics and perfumes.

How to use Frankincense resin:
~ Burn directly on a charcoal briquette as incense
~ Infuse 1 part frankincense tears in 4 parts almond or other vegetable oil on very low heat for several hours, strain and seal in a dark glass bottle. Use in place of oil in ointment, balms and perfumes.