Bag: Crocheted Guatemalan Oval Small or Medium

Price: $3.50
Bag: Crocheted Guatemalan Oval Medium
Bag: Crocheted Guatemalan Oval Small

Dimensions Approx.
$3.50 SMALL 3.75 cm width x 2.5 cm height
$4.00 MEDIUM Approx. 6.25 cm width x 10 cm height

These assorted colourful crocheted bags are handmade in Guatemala. Each bag has a rounded bottom and can be cinched at the top with a drawstring. They have a long cord that can be worn around the neck, perfect for holding your favourite stones.

Made in Guatemala
Our handicrafts supplier in Guatemala works with several hundred indigenous artisans in the highlands around Guatemala. They manufacture typical local products such as masks, dolls, wooden sculptures and jewellery. This cooperation complements the local economy, helps families improve their lives and aids community development.