Bag: Velvet Drawstring, Medium

Price: $2.00

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Bag: Velvet Drawstring, Medium 4x6
Bag: Velvet Drawstring, Medium purple, redBag: Velvet Drawstring, Medium black, blue, green

Velvet Pouches
Approx. 7.5 cm width x 10 cm height,
CHOOSE FROM: Black, Blue, Green or Red

Our bulk packaging policy applies:
10 bags = 10% off
20 bags = 20% off

* Soft quality velveteen lends a perfect finishing touch to essential oils, perfumes, crystals, wedding favours, product promos, gifts and more!
* Double cord drawstring pulls velvet bag tight for a snug, sure closure.
* Unlined, non-scratching interior.
* Dimensions are measured when the velvet bag is lying flat.