Bath Salt: Jasmine Delight

Price: $6.00
Bath Salts: Jasmine Delight
Bath Salts: Jasmine Delight bath

200g by weight in a biodegradable zip lock bag.

Concentrated bath salty bliss made with Mediterranean sea salt, Epsom salts, natural sodas and moisturizing oils, detoxifying clays and intoxicating essential oils. Sprinkle a few tablespoons in the bath with you and enjoy!

Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt, Epsom salt magnesium sulfate, natural soda sodium bicarbonate USP#1, jasmine 10% in jojoba essential oil* Jasminium grandiflorum in Simmondsia chinesis, jasmine flowers Jasminum sambac.
*Certified Organically Grown

Jasmine Absolute is uplifting and has been used to help combat depression, dry skin, exhaustion, labour pains, sensitive skin. Jasmine Absolute is considered an aphrodisiac.

Tracey, I wanted you to know that last night I was wrecked, stressed, aching, at 2:30 a.m. needed to relax my bones before crashing, so had a bath and scratched my body with your bath buds and treated my body to such warmth and sweetness and stimulation that it shifted my entire headspace, and body space and I was so grateful to you for that gift...
~ Angela Bishoff: Greenspirations environmental activist, author and speaker