Bracelet: Copper Magnetic Therapeutic, Many Styles

Price: $15.00
Bracelet: Copper Magnetic Therapeutic, Rope
Bracelet: Copper Magnetic MeanderBracelet: Copper Magnetic TwistedBracelet: Copper Magnetic PlainBracelet: Copper Magnets Joint PainBracelet: Copper Magnetic 1Bracelet: Copper Magnetic 2Bracelet: Copper Magnetic 3Bracelet: Copper Magnetic 4Bracelet: Copper Magnetic 5Bracelet: Copper Magnets

Materials: Copper and metals mixed with copper, some 18K Gold plated, Oil Pressure, Magnet inlaid

Colours and Patterns: shown in the photos

SIZE: Averages Inner Diameter: 6.5cm / 2.56inch Bracelet Length: 17cm / 6.70inch Width: 0.8cm / 0.31inch
Strong but flexible, our bracelets can be bent to suit the shape of your wrist.

Many people report copper bracelets and magnets ease joint pain. Traditional therapeutic claims can be found in the illustrations. Contemporary thinking is that the magnets and the different metals create a slight electrical current that can interrupt pain signals.