Candle: Beeswax Birthday Pack of 20 in Natural, Pastel or Royal Colours

Price: $7.00

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Candle: Beeswax Birthday, Pack of 20 pastelCandle: Beeswax Birthday, Pack of 20 naturalCandle: Beeswax Birthday, Pack of 20 royalCandle: Beeswax Birthday Pack of 20 in Natural, Pastel or Royal Coloursbirthday candles

Pastel Pack of 20
Natural Pack of 20
Royal Pack of 20
Loose 2 for $1

Pure beeswax birthday candles in a rainbow of our colours:

Natural beeswax
Pastel colours (Mountain Jade, Glacier Teal, Spring Crocus (purple), Paris Pink and Pearl)
Royal colours (Blue, Mountain Jade, Natural, Tangerine and Red)
Candle Size: 3" h x 1/4" d

Burn Time: 20 minutes per candle

Includes: 20 beeswax birthday candles per package

Made with all-natural Canadian beeswax, coloured with safe and environmentally-friendly dyes, and best of all, beeswax birthday candles won't drip all over your birthday cake! Try these 100% pure beeswax candles and you'll never go back!

Honey Candles® use only cotton or paper wicks, with no toxins or harmful ingredients, zinc and lead-free, with a tiny amount of natural dye. Handmade from 100% pure beeswax and dipped to perfection.

Tip: beeswax candles burn with a soft, warm glow that closely resembles that of the sun, making for beautiful birthday photographs.