Candle: Palm Wax Tealight, Sustainable & Ethical

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Candle: Tea Lights, Ethical Palm Wax! one
Candle: Tea Lights, Ethical Palm Wax! Pack of 10

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SOLD OUT $8.00 for pack of 10 tealights

These candles are packages of 10 tealights in reusable/recyclable metal cups in plain kraftboard boxes - no plastic! Up to 7 hours burning time per tea light! That's like buying a box of 70 parrafin tealights!!!

Palm Tealight Candles

Fairly Traded Palm Tealights are made from 100% ethically sourced Vegetable Palm Oil, a replenishing raw material that is an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to paraffin based tealight candles.

Aloha Bay makes candles only from eco social and organically farmed palm wax.

These candles have clean burning properties with no smoke or soot and are perfect for aromatherapy diffusers, burning at the right temperature to evaporate essential oils.

For more info about why you should use these tea lights, go here:


#1 eddiemoore : These Palm Tea Lights are

These Palm Tea Lights are hand made in a small scale facility in rural Indonesia, where the employees enjoy humane working conditions, good wages, free health care, paid pregnancy leave, together with vacation and retirement benefits.

#2 Anarres : I bought some Palm Tealights

I bought some Palm Tealights from you earlier this year down town at the WHEN fair. I absolutely love them!!
Just like they are suppose to....they burn clean and for hours. I'm so happy you offer this healthy alternative and for a great price as well. Keep up the good work!!
Thanks so much!!

~ Marion: 2009/12/08