Clay: Bentonite, Fine, "Food Grade", by the gram

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Clay: Bentonite, Fine, Calcium bentonite, by the gram

100% Natural Calcium Bentonite (Green) Clay

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Deep pore cleaning for the world's most powerful facial
100-Percent Natural calcium bentonite clay
Does not contain: additives, fragrances, animal products

This fine bentonite clay from Death Valley, California, where it is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees.
Does not contain: Additives, fragrances, animal products
Use for acne and blemishes. Use it once per week.
Important Note: Do not leave clay mask on skin longer than 5-10 mins for delicate skin; this will prevent redness/drying
Important Note: Please read and follow all manufacturer directions before using. Slight redness of the skin is normal and will disappear in about 30 minutes after use.

History of Healing Clay
Clays have been used for centuries to beautify and refresh when used as a facial mask. Cleopatra used clay from the Nile river and the Arabian desert over 1800 years ago, as part of her beauty ritual.

How to Use Bentonite Clay
Mix clay with equal parts of apple cider vinegar* or water. It is best to use a glass, pottery, or wooden bowl. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth paste - add more clay or liquid as needed. Apply 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick layer of clay to the face or other areas and let it dry. Drying times vary, but times are generally 5 minutes for delicate skin and 15- 20 minutes for normal skin. You will feel a pulling and tightening sensation.

* Use only 100% apple cider vinegar. Raw is preferable.
Discontinue if a rash appears. For external use only.