Clay: Bentonite, Fine, sold by the gram

Price: $0.03
Clay: Bentonite, Fine, from The Soap Works powder
Clay: Bentonite, Fine, from The Soap Works hill

INGREDIENTS: Bentonite clay 95-99%, silica (fine sand)

Sold by the gram, $.0315/g.
Bring or buy your own packaging.
10% off for 500g
20% off for 1000g

MAIL ORDERS: Please order a minimum of 100g and buy a bag or container.

Bentonite Clay Powder for Facials
We have been adding Bentonite Clay to our Creamy Clay bar for years. We have been asked on enough occasions if just the clay ingredient could be made available separately. This product is great for extracting oils, toxins, and excess sebum from pores. It naturally evens your skin tone

We tested the clay ourselves and soon found that mixing Bentonite Clay with apple cider vinegar and/or water is easy and makes a great facial mask. Staff around the SoapWorks now have softer, smoother skin…must be the working conditions.

Other personal clay mask additives include:
Oat Flour or Oat Milk
A drop or two of essential Oil (please look up the topical benefits before adding this to your mask!)
Aloe Gel
Witch Hazel – alcohol-free
Rose Water
Raw Cocoa
Green Tea
Steeped Tea (instead of water)

***, DO NOT HAVE THE CLAY IN CONTACT WITH ANYTHING METAL! It will reduce the effectiveness of the clay. Avoid using acidic additives. We do NOT recommend ingesting this product. ***

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