Clay: Pink French Kaolin + Illite

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Clay: Pink French Kaolin + Illite

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Superfine French Pink Clay is a combination of Red and White clay. French Red Clay comes from Hematite Iron, its colouring the result of the copper oxides contained in this rock. White Clay has a variety of uses. Soap Makers often use it in shaving and oily skin soaps as it adds slip while being safe and is generally non-sensitizing. This soft and gentle clay can also be mixed with water to form facial masks that help to remove oil from the skin keeping the nose from looking shiny.
Other applications include in the formulation of natural deodorants, poultices and scrubs.

When using Superfine pink clay add purified water, or floral water, mix into a paste and apply to the face or body. Allow to dry, rinse it off, and use your favourite moisturizer to finish. Try adding your preference of essential oils or dried herbs to compliment the mix.

Caution! Clays may stain fabric.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance: Pastel Pink coloured fine loose powder
Odour: Almost odourless.
Particle Size: 20μm
pH: ~ 7.90 @ 20 °C
Bulk Density: 0.60 g/cm3
Flash point: inflammable
Humidity Rate: 5 - 6 %
Silica (SiO2): ~ 49.3 %
Alumina (Al2O3): ~ 32.0 %
Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3): ~ 2.7 %
Lime (CaO): ~ 1.22 %
Magnesia (MgO): ~ 0.80 %
Soda (Na2O): ~ 0.13 %
Potash (K2O): ~ 2.45 %
Titanium (TiO2): ~ 0.15 %