Colour: Mica Mineral Powder Royal Blue, 10mL or 30mL jar

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Colour: Mica Mineral Powder Royal Blue

Warning: Don't use Royal Blue Mica Mineral Powder for lip colours

Mica is a fine natural mineral powder than can be used to reflect light and create a pearlescent effect on skin and in products such as soap. This mica is NOT mined, but is rather composed in the USA, then coloured with natural minerals.

Mica is commonly combined with Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxides to be used in mineral make up or cosmetics. When used in cosmetics, mica offers a light weight, long lasting effect on skin without feeling too cakey or heavy.

Perfect for blending in mineral make-up to create a pearlized effect. These free flowing lustrous powders in 12 colours are great for achieving a subtle to dashing colour.

Ideal for clear or translucent Melt & Pour soaps and white cosmetic bases such as lotion, creams and body butter.

Mineral Powder Pigments such as oxides, ultramarines and micas are cosmetic-grade. These pigments are composed from earth (inorganic) materials and then they are processed and refined to remove any harmful metals such as lead or mercury. They are approved for use in soap, mineral cosmetics and cosmetic bases.

European Cosmetic & FDA approved, safe to use for eyes, face and nails.

MICA SUSPENDS AND NEVER FADES: The mica will suspend within solution resulting in a shimmering finish. These are natural color additives which are insoluble (they will remain suspended within the product and will not dissolve) in the formulation or product to which they are added. Unlike some other liquid colors, they will not bleed or fade.

PH level: 4 to 8

Recommended usage: 0.01% to 1%

• Very small amounts are needed for creams, lotions and more. Start with ¼ teaspoon or even less and add until the desired shade is obtained. Using a scale is recommended for larger batches. In the case of Sericite Mica, very little colour will be observed, but the luster of the product will be increased.

• Please do small test batches as some of the colors are unstable in cold process soap. Recommended use is approximately ¼ to ½ teaspoons per pound of cold processed soap, depending on the color you wish to obtain.

• To use in melt and pour, the powders need to be dispersed into a small amount of the melted base first and then add to the remaining melted soap and stir well.

SAFETY: It is a good idea to wear a mask, goggles/glasses and protective clothing/apron as working with volatile powders is messy. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area.
Keep your powders in closed containers in a dry location. Shelf life is indefinite.

Royal Blue Mica ingredients: mica coated with titanium dioxide, ferric ferrocyanide*, tin dioxide

Each colour comes in an aluminum canister and contains @10g of the fine powder.

Please specify the colours you want in the comments with your order.

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